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Random Chat with unknown “little one”

Posted by thesinger on December 3, 2007

me: so, I’m afraid it’s a little hard to chat “with” someone who doesn’t want to. So, peace out.
Austin: this is not who you think it is
me: that’s interesting.
8:58 PM would you divulge your name to one so humble as I?
Austin: nope
me: well, it was at least a good attempt. . .
8:59 PM :-/
Austin: oh yeah it really really was Mr. !
9:00 PM me: could you defend your position as a nobody if you decided you didn’t want to?
9:01 PM and really, I encourage you think deeply about the kind of intense pain you are putting me through.
Austin: ye thats not fair
9:02 PM me: Please defend, I pray, why you will not divulge your name to me?
9:03 PM Austin: why must you use such big words????
9:04 PM ??????? or don`t you know
me: Dear one, (because deep in my heart, I really do think you are dear) sometimes you must learn not to question why grownups do the things they do.
9:05 PM Austin: but you are not a grown up
me: Perhaps, you should adjust your heart more in line with mine; then, and only then (perhaps) you will tell me your name.
9:06 PM You question my age? my maturity? my feet?
9:07 PM Austin: perhaps in my heart I feel that right now secrecy is best
9:08 PM me: secrecy, my little child, rarely is a good thing.
Austin: and you question MY age? MY maturity?MY feet !
me: no, I don’t.
9:09 PM You simply are little.
Austin: oh is that so
me: yes, that is so.
9:10 PM Austin: subgect change
me: Does that surprise you, that me, in my age, my maturity, I do not miss even the smallest hint of immaturity.
9:11 PM Austin: ya
me: for instance, your spelling.
Austin: hey hey hey hey be nice!
9:12 PM me: Yes, little one, to be nice is good.
Austin: yah
then why dont you try it
me: I have learned that in my many years of existence, one must always be nice. Therefore, we will change the subject.
9:13 PM Who are you?
9:14 PM Austin: thats for me to now and for you to consider
oh wise man how do you spell consider
9:15 PM me: how shall consider it if I do not know who you are?
how should one spell it any better?
Austin: thank you
i am so smart
9:16 PM me: not so sure
Austin: this is lots of fun
me: Little one, please, do me the favor: Bore me no more.
9:17 PM The day has past and gone and your conversation is most soporific.
Would you?
Austin: count it as a blessing that i at least told you it isn`t Austin
9:18 PM you should thank me !
9:20 PM me: To be grateful is to be truly happy. Therefore, from the depths of my ankles, and the heights of Kansas, I thank you. You have so little idea how much that meant to me. Please, accept these humble thanks.
Austin: you talk way to much sir
9:21 PM me: Agreed.
My verbosity is most incredibly astounding.
9:22 PM Austin: put that in are language
me: our
9:23 PM Austin: i new that
i spelled that wrong
9:24 PM me: Well, to begin with, here is the definition of “verbose” which is the root of the word, verbosity. long-winded: using or containing too many words; “long-winded (or windy) speakers”; “verbose and ineffective instructional methods”
Austin: what
9:25 PM me: Then, I must define the word astounding: astonishing: so surprisingly impressive as to stun or overwhelm; “such an enormous response was astonishing”; “an astounding achievement”; “the amount of money required was staggering”; “suffered a staggering defeat”; “the figure inside the boucle dress was stupefying”
Austin: well I didn`t relize my our but i did know howto spell it
me: The next step is to combine the two meanings to make a logical thought or meaning of it.
9:26 PM Austin: Uh WOW (not really)
did you Know I am @
me: Therefore, my verbosity is shocking, striking.
Austin: Sorry 2
9:27 PM me: I’m afraid your meaning is not clear enough for me to understand it.
Austin: I am 2 in one
me: Would you kindly try to convey your meaning in words that I can understand?
9:28 PM That sentence strikes me as being impossible for mere human beings.
Could you try again?
9:30 PM Austin: This means in the Human striking that there is plianly not in motoin one lonley wounderful smart human being but in a shocking REAL WAY 2
9:31 PM do you understand now ?
we tried to talk like you as much as possible !!
9:33 PM me: I’m afraid that you have a long distance in the metaphorical world of words and pictures before you can emulate me as well as you would like to.
Austin: but we dont want to
9:35 PM me: Well, I’m afraid you have not communicated as well as you should have once more. You have just said, “we tried to talk like you as much as possible !!” So, you tried to emulate my speech, but you say you don’t want to. Could you explain yourself once more.
9:36 PM Austin: well we sadly(that`s not right) need to go !
9:37 PM guess who
me: “guess who” is peeling apples?
9:38 PM Austin: we need to go signed
me: have a peaceful existance, “nobody”
9:39 PM Austin: ok
this is monica and kelci
me: ok. That will be fine, my dear little ones.
May you rest well.
9:40 PM Austin: uh huh Bye Wise one !
I mever thought I would hear my self say that!!!!
Mever !!! NEVER !!!!!
9:41 PM by
me: Little ones, you will be hearing of this conversation more.
Austin: wow
i am glad you like us that much
9:42 PM me: I am glad as well.

And so, my fine and furry friends, here is a random chat I had with two silly “dear ones.” I hope my readership has enjoyed it as much as I have.



8 Responses to “Random Chat with unknown “little one””

  1. Andrew said

    Ha, ha. That is truly amazing. I had a very similar conversation with the “2 dear little ones”!


  2. Monica said

    How dare YOU !!!!!!!!! now and only now I realize what you meant when you said (I Quote)
    little ones you will bee hearing more of this conversatoin!!!!!

  3. random thinker said

    sorry about that,I will make sure that I hit the sign out tab next time, my little sisters can just be that way, sorry ( or may not ) to all the three out there that got a similar experience when I was out. 🙂 random thinker

  4. Anja said

    Hey, you go girls!!! LOL!

  5. Monica said

    John you Talk to Much !!! 🙂 🙂

  6. thesinger said

    My verbosity is most incredibly astounding.

  7. random thinker said

    Hey just a random idea, to show me that you are really pumped about going snowboarding, you should put all your gear on, and take a picture, and put it on your blog…. just a random thought, let the snow fall. random thinker

  8. thesinger said

    That is a very random thought. One that I will have to consider very carefully.

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