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Much pumpedness.

Posted by thesinger on December 4, 2007

Yeah, it’s less than a week until we go snowboarding. I’m really getting very pumped about this. Another praise item is that three of the four concerts are over and passed and gone and they (for the most part) went very well. The AS concert at Partridge Community Church turned out to be a full blown concert; not some live entertainment thingamabob. Therefore, it was very obvious that we had only practiced 1.5 times before the concert. So, disregarding the minor goofs and the small inconsistencies, it was a fun concert to give.

Two things made the evening more positive than normal. One, it is an old church that was built before the era of sound systems and therefore was built with acoustics in mind. That part of the evening was just GREAT. Second, we had a great audience that was absolutely quiet. (It helped that no bratty kids were screaming, or crying, etc., etc.) Also, from the feedback (and the applause) we received, it was evident that they really liked it and that it meant more to them than just a good show would have.

So, there you have it. Pumped and excited about going boarding, and getting stoked about giving a God-honoring program tomorrow night. (At Center Amish Mennonite Church, Wednesday, December 5, at 7:45 PM. See you there!!)



4 Responses to “Much pumpedness.”

  1. sheri said

    this kid is sure looking forward to tomorrow night!! Ya betta belize it! Rock on.

  2. mombasaman said

    You go! Looking forward to hearing that!

  3. Here’s another kid that’s looking forward to tomorrow night.

  4. em said

    way 2 go 2nite!! u guys did a great job!

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