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Concert Wrap-Up

Posted by thesinger on December 7, 2007

It’s a cold and relaxing morning here at the LaVerne Miller residence. I’m sitting on couch with Dad’s laptop and I’m hacking away at it furiously so I can post before it’s time to go to choir.

The concert on Wednesday night went well in some areas, and perhaps not so well in others. God’s part of the evening (the worship, the praying, the working in the peoples hearts) went very well. I had the succinct feeling during the course of the evening that God was using our music to touch and inspire lives. PRAISE HIM!!

If that were all I had to say about the concert that would be just great. But no, I must go on to say that the tension of performing in front of a big crowd had our voices stressed out, dried out, and laid out in the first half. Let me explain why. First, when doing small group singing, (read quartet) than the entire concert is similar to one big long solo. You have no fellow members of your voice-part to lean on for support. Second, everybody has to be singing exactly their part, no more and no less, all the time. This requires extremely intense concentration that can lead to tension, quickly!! An example of when one member failed to concentrate very well occurred during a renaissance piece by Palestrina entitled Sicut Cervus. It has extremely polyphonic musical lines, so when one member fails to get an entrance, or misses several notes during the piece, everybody suffers. Near the end, somehow, I don’t know how, I spaced out. When I came back to the earth, I discovered I had missed a succession of several critical notes and left my fellow members in the metaphorical smoke of my burnout. Yes, it really struggled. Yes, we did somehow manage to get back on track for the ending. Yes, the ending was very successful. Yes, we were working so hard that we were sweating like madmen.

We had a long break in the middle of the concert. We got Darrel (5th and 6th Grade teacher at PCGS) to do a children’s story as our inspirational talk of the evening, and we had Lyle lead three congregational songs. This gave us about twenty minute break to regroup, settle down, and get our act together.

The second half went like a piece of cake compared to the first half. We had purposely planned it so that our intense and more meaningful stuff would be in the first half with the lighter/easier-to-listen-to stuff would be in the last half. So, because of the lighter material and the long break between standings, the last half went very well musically. Something we did differently than normal was have announcements, last prayer, and then sang the hyper praise song, Shout to the Lord. We sang it while everybody was still standing and then dismissed the people directly afterwards. I think it was a smashing hit!!

Over all, I feel ok with how it went. The perfectionist in me says, “It could have been a LOT better.” The worship leader in me says, “Thanks God. You came through great!!! You showed your great power again!!”

With these thoughts in mind, may you have Peace in the Valley,


ps, Steamboat is reporting 14″ of fresh in the last 48 hr. Praise da Lord!!!!


7 Responses to “Concert Wrap-Up”

  1. random thinker said

    yes praise the Lord, glad you had a great time sing and worshiping him in song.

  2. It was an *awesome* concert! Have fun boarding!

  3. Aaron said

    I’m glad it went good. I would like to hear you guys sometimes. You have any concerts planned in ES anytime soon?

  4. Kevin said

    Great concert. Especially liked the spanish song.

  5. i would have loved to hear y’all!

  6. Crystal said

    I especially agree with the calming down and regrouping part!!
    What a stretching and growing experience!!(the concert, not the break)

  7. thesinger said

    Aaron, no, we don’t have any concerts scheduled for ES. Sorry.
    Crystal, yes, quite stretching.

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