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Sore, tired, but very stoked!!

Posted by thesinger on December 11, 2007

This has been a great day of boarding. Oh, and it’s doing the snowing number out on the mountain. We cut several lines off of Storm Peak that were absolutely gorgeous. Trees, powder, aspens, the whole works. What a party. Oh, and it’s puking out there. What a life.

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking my camera so that I can capture some of the beauty. Should be just great.

Peace on the mountain!!


ps, did I mention that it’s snowing?


6 Responses to “Sore, tired, but very stoked!!”

  1. em said

    well u mite just consider staying there awhile .. since there’s NO electricity around here! absolutely depressing! have fun..

  2. Listen to Em. It are sooo miserable here.

  3. sheri said

    Party. Board. Party. Board.
    “just because you can. ha ha.”

    am glad you guys are livin it up! 🙂

  4. sheri said

    ohhh….. and can’t wait to see your pics!!

  5. Monica said

    OH dreaming of it ….NO FAIR !

  6. virgiln said

    have fune!

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