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Just got our internet back.

Posted by thesinger on December 17, 2007

We got home from snowboarding on Saturday evening, and were greeted by LaVon, Twila, and kids because they needed a slightly warmer environment to live in. (They were and still are out of electricity due to a massive ice storm that took out many power lines, including ours. We just happen to have a generator.)

The snowboarding was just ROCKIN!!! I feel that I honed my skills, and had a lot of fun shredding it up. I think my favorite run was a mostly untracked black that had at least 1.5 feet of fresh powder on it. It was so nice. For you boarders out there, it was the kind of trail and snow that you could just point it straight down, lean back on your back foot, and let her fly!!!!!! What sublime happiness.

Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you will get some random pictures of the trip. I did not spend hours and hours photographing the mountain because there was too much to powder to shred, but I might have several people pictures that may be worth showing the world. We’ll see.

Peace in the valley,



3 Responses to “Just got our internet back.”

  1. random thinker said

    I am not going to be lucky, you have to put pic. on, that is what I command.

  2. thesinger said

    Thanks for the command. Luck will still play a major role in the decision.

  3. I will tell you to post pics in a less direct, gruff, and abrupt sort of way. I will passively mention that it would be cool to see some pictures of your trip and continue by reminding you of our excellent friendship.

    I don’t care which method works best… Just post some pics.

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