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What a traditional winter Saturday!

Posted by thesinger on December 22, 2007

About everything I’ve done so far today has been extremely traditional for a cold winter Saturday. This morning, I woke up late, (9:30); very traditional. Heard the wind moaning outside my window well and thought how nice I wasn’t at the Youth Chorus work project. Got up, read a book for a while, checked my email, just the normal waking-up kinds of things I do; very traditional. Started getting hungry, so I helped mom get the pancakes on and ready; very traditional. Ate brunch at 11 o’clock with Grandpa in attendance; very traditional. Checked my email, read several more chapters in the book I’m reading, and just had good times; very traditional.

The work part was also very traditional. We did some tree-limb clean-up because of the ice storm that happened two weeks ago and it was COLD!!!; very traditional. (I’m the dude in the yellow hat; also very traditional.)

We bundled up nicely, shivered through it, and even had some fun; very traditional.

We got the work done that we needed to and came inside to drink some of Mom’s wonderful homemade hot chocolate. That warmed and filled us nicely; very traditional.

And here we are. I’m sure that pizza is on the menu for tonight; VERY traditional. And now I’m chatting up a dear friend over the telephone; very traditional.

Tonight there is a volleyball game at Partridge. Tradition would dictate that I wouldn’t go because Dad would say that family time is more important. We shall see.


ps. Photos courtesy of Anja and Loyal, respectively.


5 Responses to “What a traditional winter Saturday!”

  1. Kevin said

    every time you post bloglines shows your latest 10 posts as unread.

  2. thesinger said

    I know. I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t do much about it.

  3. random thinker said

    I see that you got your tradition hat back. glad that it is safe in…. or on (as the case may be) your head.

  4. thesinger said

    Yessirr, me is very glads to has me hat back. Ver NICE!!!

  5. Way to be TRADITIONAL!

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