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life is a journey through a desert. John Miller

News briefs. . .

Posted by thesinger on January 3, 2008

Kenya is in serious political turmoil. Pray.

On a “slightly” more local level, Benji and Hans Mast are leaving to go attend Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute. It’s just all sadness and gladness at the same time.

I have started school after a rather long and restful break. This also means that I am continuing to practice piano at random and varied households that own a piano. It is good to be playing again and “making much music” after a very long break.

The Anonymous Somebodies are taking a “relaxative” from singing together since Crystal left for Calvary Bible School. We have two more concerts coming up in late February and early March, after which we have no definite plans to sing or not to sing, if you know what I mean.

Songleading at church has been going fairly well and I am enjoying it very much.

I will be taking speech at Pilgrim this next semester under Mr. Schrock. It will probably be a lot of work, but hopefully I can learn the skill of “speechifying” well.

Nothing out of the ordinary is happening this weekend. Work, fellowship, etc., etc., are the norms and I don’t suppose it’ll be any different this weekend.

Such is life. . .


edit: I just got home from a ROCKIN’ evening of volleyball. Hobbs got it together and the level of playing was WOW!!!! Perhaps the most fun volleyball I’ve played in who-knows-how-long. Just WOW!!


2 Responses to “News briefs. . .”

  1. mombasaman said

    Thanks for posting that prayer request. I have been keeping an eye on the news these days which is very uncharacteristic of me. My family is more or less in the middle of things. I don’t like that very well but am very thankful that they have been safe so far and it seems like foreigners are not being targeted. It is very sad to see people tearing their own country apart.

  2. wildflowerdays said

    rockin about volley-ball! i was almost not invited. but then i was invited.

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