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Posted by thesinger on January 7, 2008

was this evening and some “unknown” individual forgot to get someone to bring snack. Therefore Justin, head committee guy, tells us to go home and get some food and bring it to his house so we could have a place to party and some food to do it with. So, I busted home and got some ingredients for some food to cook and put into tortillas. Toast was the man, as they say, and took the responsibility to cook up the “mixture”. ‘Twas very good. Ummmmm. . .

While at home I grabbed my camera and thought to myself, I think I will need to shoot some pictures tonight to remember our Kansas “randomness”. So, I did, and shot one picture that made it worth the effort of taking my camera. Enjoy. . .


ps, I really approve of the composition. Totally sets it apart from anything else I shot this evening. . .


8 Responses to “Visitation”

  1. Excellent composition on the image.

  2. Josh t said

    I likes the pic! And yes that was some good grub if I may say so myself!

  3. Aaron said

    Yes, very random and Kansasish. Thanks so much for the very gracious comments on my “flower” post

  4. Me likey! And…that’s my second cousin!!!

  5. wildflowerdays said

    go mari!! 🙂 and yeah, tosti man–awesome grub…

  6. sheri said

    that is one million-dollar pic!! niiiice 😀

  7. Cathy said

    Hey, it was way too cool to sit close to Lorens, beside Davids and Hilda, in front of Loyal, Victoria, Teresa, Austin, in the same room as Shane, Luke and Angela last night at orientation. Reminds me of when you all were here! Let the good times and ice cream begin to roll.

  8. very nice composition! I love it!

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