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A long time ago. . .

Posted by thesinger on January 11, 2008

away back when me, myself, and I (plus some other people) was on the Youth committee, we were responsible to organize, plan, and execute an all day Youth Picnic. This was all fine and good. Most of the day went very well and it was not a bad time. After we got home, however, was when the work began. We used hay bales to sit on in the back of a grain-truck. This is fine and good, but there is a fair bit of work involved to get the straw bales and then to take them back to their place of residence. So, having that background, the story can now continue in full force.

We took the truck (and straw bales) to their owner and nicely placed them in the loft of his barn. This process was not without it’s own pains, but overall it went ok and the good feelings were spread around with abandon because we had finished the last and hardest part of the picnic!!!!!!!

As we drove into the lane to Cedar Crest–the place where the youth had met for the picnic–the lights of our car illuminated five straw bales that were in hiding behind the waist-high brick wall that surrounds the front door of the church. Yes, it was dark. Yes, we were very tired after playing hard all day. Yes, we had very little energy left to invest in hauling those bales to their proper home. At this junction in the story, you may want to ask, “But couldn’t you just have put the bales on the grain truck and taken them home?” The answer to this question is not very complicated. It was just that the truck went home directly instead of going back to Cedar Crest.

Well, what do you do? Do you sing songs? Shout angrily? Become extremely irate? Laugh at our stupidity? Rail? Rant? Rave?

The answer: Yes.

Next, you sit back, relax, and enjoy some Mt. Dew.

Next, you make bad faces at the camera, because you really are very tired and NOT EXCITED about those bales. . .

Next, you load the straw bales on to the back of Big Joshes Volvo.

Next you cheese real big for the camera because you really have accomplished a real feat of power/energy/force/beef/brawn/dynamism/force/horsepower/intensity/might/muscle/potency/strength/vigor/vim/virtue, or something like that.

Next you see lots of straw on the sidewalk and because tomorrow is Sunday, you decide that you must sweep it up.

Next you pose with your newly-made band, and take an inspiring picture.

Next you think, “Oh, but I wouldn’t want to remember the evening with a stupid picture like that!!” So we commence to shoot another “more decent” one.

And then we’re done. At least, I had a curfew and had to go home. I heard reports that said that the party continued for quite some time.

So, thanks for allowing me to tell you this story. It has blessed my heart to retell it and I hope it has blessed your heart to hear it.



6 Responses to “A long time ago. . .”

  1. thesinger said

    Kudos to Jon for the pictures. http://www.xanga.com/Threeandahalfpoundbrain

  2. wildflowerdays said

    wow…waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day

  3. This was a long time ago my friend! But…woohoo for the pics and heroic efforts!

  4. Marvin said

    love the band photo! Are you heavily booked? how far ahead?

  5. Jon said

    Yes, yes, good to look back on; VERY BAD at the time.

  6. thesinger said

    Yeah, Marvin, the schedule is all packed out. Oh, and the crowd, they just go nuts every time. . .

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