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Random Pictures from Bible Study at Gary’s

Posted by thesinger on January 18, 2008

After the Bible Study was over and we were just sitting around, shooting around, etc., Gary asked me if I’ll take these images and put them on my blog. I responded cheerily with a yes. 🙂 So, here we are, and I’m ready to post some random pictures of the Bible Study at Gary’s.

Gary also asked me if I would post the most scandalous type of picture. I happily assured him that this would be the case if possible.
Case in point: (He has the shingles.)


“RAN-dom” (I love Canon)

B-rian has a nice thick shock of hair, don’t you think?

Way to go Frieda!!!!!!!!!

Oh, in case you were wondering, Gary, (one of our ministers) consented to give us a year’s worth of bible studies about the subject “Christian Stewardship.” It was good and will continue to be good.




3 Responses to “Random Pictures from Bible Study at Gary’s”

  1. Virgiln said

    I’m very envious! Anyway, such is life… good pictures, hoss!


  2. comes softly said

    well done. keep up the p-blogging

  3. rowtifer said

    you have a way of capturing emotions. i love frieda’s face.

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