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Posted by thesinger on January 20, 2008

And this is a Cow. Yeah, today I attended our biannual Midwinter Teacher’s Gathering. The game we played for recess was called “This is a Pig.” Very intellectually stimulating as well as challenging. 🙂 (weeelll, maybe)

What else should I say. Maybe I should say that I came away from the day with a feeling of ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!!!! INFORMATION OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!! I think you understand the kind of shock I was in.

The parents are gone for the weekend. They left for Perkins, OK this afternoon and will be gone through tomorrow evening. Dad was assigned to preach there, so he is. Funny how that works.

I got home from some semi-aggressive volleyball. It wasn’t all peaceful, or all nice, neat, and orderly, but it was ok. I think I show a very different side of myself and my emotions when I play volleyball than when I am just “hanging out” with the homies. I think the hyper/screamingish side of me is brought forth in all it’s “glory” and sometimes I overdo it. Pain. I am, however, a big fan of lots of enthusiasm during games and feel that properly channeled, the enthusiasm is very “catching”. For instance, tonight, I was playing on an average team. We were playing against a fairly strong team. They called “game point,” but very few (if any) people on our team heard it. The play was contested, and they did a redo on the game point. The score at that point was 5-11. (We were playing games to 11 since we had a lot of people and only one net.) My team was then able to not allow them to score on their game point. We also kept them from making any more points. So, we managed to make a point here, and a point there. (All the while, of course, I was expressing myself and my somewhat ecstatic emotions very freely.) So, the time comes when we tie with them at 10s. We made another point. I was serving at this time, and called out that we had game point. Then, we scored again!!!! And the game was ours!!!!! I very nearly lost it at this point due to my excited jumping, my aggressive hand slapping, and my violent shouting. It was VICTORY over a team that was clearly our superior.

We played the winners of the next game. Peat and Repeat went up the hill. Peat fell down and who was left. Repeat. Correct. So, at the point when they had way more points, and we had not so many points, we made another violent comeback and won that game too. Trust me, there was plenty of emotion going around. I was PUMPED. With the same five man team, we pulled out of another bad point-slump to win the second game. Yes, I got VERY EXCITED! More so than average. (understatement of the day)

I must run. I think I have aptly conveyed to you the amount of excitement I feel when I play a good game of volleyball. 🙂


ps. Most of the information here about my emotions are forms of mild understatement.


4 Responses to “THIS IS A PIG”

  1. Kevin said

    mild understatements??? yikes.

  2. Anja said

    I can only imagine! 🙂

  3. ida said

    Yay for our team!

  4. thesinger said


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