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A “Moppish Looking Thing”?

Posted by thesinger on January 27, 2008

I’ll let the first three pictures speak for themselves. . .

Next, comes the clean up part. This is when John sweeps the kitchen, and then asks Kevin where the mop is. Kevin gestures in a vague sort of way to a corner that exists in the washer room outside the kitchen. So John meanders over to the corner and pulls out some “moppish looking thing” from “the corner”. The “moppish looking thing” could also be a “wall wiper thingy” but John decides that yes, it actually is a floor moppish kind of thing.

Next, Kevin tells John that he should place the moppish kind of thing into the rinse water to make it “moisturized”. John uses his common sense and tells Kevin that he has to finish washing and rinsing the dishes before the idea is even ok to think about. Kevin and Ryan finish the washing the dishes, and so, John merrily places the “moppish looking thing” into the rinse water and “moisturizes” it.

The next step is obviously to scrub the floor with the “moppish looking thing”.
John also rinses out the “moppish looking thing” in the rinse water after he has scrubbed a large section of floor. This does not result in the cleanest rinse water you have ever seen, but nevertheless, it does make for a cleaner floor, and that is/was the goal.

My question for my dear readers is this: Is this actually a floor mop?


7 Responses to “A “Moppish Looking Thing”?”

  1. sheri said

    LOL!! WHOA he did do some work yesterday after all! Were there some spills, perhaps? I couldn’t figure out how the floor was relatively (notice “relatively”) “clean” abt 2 hrs later when I swept and mopped it again. heh. And yes, i’ve wondered myself if that IS a floor mop, that was the only thing here that remotely resembled a mop so i used that for awhile, until one fine day the bottom part broke off and i officially proclaimed it “gone to glory” and we got another one. though we still have that dumb thing sitting around since we aren’t supposed to throw it away since it’s like, not ours, i guess.

  2. Wheee!!!

  3. Kevin said

    Excellent…. just excellent.

  4. thesinger said

    Thanks, OwnerOfTheMoppishLookingThing for that very helpful information.

    To sheri, A floor can become very dirty in two hours. 🙂

  5. TheOwnerOfTheMoppishLookingThing said

    Thanks for the pics — we hadn’t seen the kitchen yet with the new floor. And the espresso machine makes me positively envious.

    However, no, that is not a floor mop. It’s a wall-dusting device as I recall (though I haven’t ever used it). There were no mops in the house because all of the floors upstairs were carpeted until about two years ago. Which really raises a more important question — why DO people put carpet in their kitchens and bathrooms?! I can tell you from experience that dumping milk on the kitchen carpet is a very bad thing.

    Anyway, I enjoy your blog. See you next year….

  6. sheri said

    mystery solved!! 🙂

  7. wildflowerdays said

    chuckle. 🙂 yeah…i can appreciate those wall mops when you’re supposed to “clean” walls that don’t really need it and you can run a dust mop over them instead of scrubbing them!

    **ps. my theory is that very few houses in the usa ever need to be cleaned

    ***ps. that was overstated. 🙂

    ****ps. not sure that was even true

    *****ps. perhaps next time you should try drinking chai?

    ******ps. the reason being simple–it tastes good

    *******ps. i don’t feel like working

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