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Concordia Choir is coming to town!!!!

Posted by thesinger on March 3, 2008

Well, the nearby town of Wichita, KS, that is. Oh, and a good friend called me up with lots of juicy tidbits about the program. (He had attended a concert on this same tour somewhere in the “east.”) Oh, I am getting SO pumped!!!! And oh, so, JUMPY!!!! wow, I might not be able to get as much school done tomorrow as would be good just because I’m so, entirely, well, so entirely taken up with this idea. And, oh, SO EXCITED!

In other news, Messiah drags on. Neal continues to abuse the sopranos and they continue to give him only a small portion of their abilities. I am completely confident that there is a correlation between those two facts.

Chorus is moving along at a nice easy pace. Shane is doing well, even if directing isn’t his first love. Note accuracy will come much faster for the tenors this year because they are far more confident than last year. My goal for the tenors is to lead them to sing with precision and agility. They are progressing well.

As of yet, I enjoy the process of writing much more than “speechifying”. I am a lover of precision in my studies and feel that my meager abilities as a speech-maker don’t lend themselves well to precision. For myself, speechifying feels as though a farmer were attempting brain surgery on some poor victim, ending with a bloody mess of “brain” on the floor; a painful metaphor, I know, but very illustrative. Not enough precision, not enough precision. . .

Um. um. what should I say next? Oh, that was close. I’m actually not standing in front of people wondering what to say. . . It’s as though, um, I have stress with um, placing my thoughts, um, in a logical, well, how would you say it? Order? And then, um, really wondering just, like, how it’s going to, um, come out. . . Yes, I’m, um, in speech class right now. And um, I really think I should quit using um, “um”, quite so um, much. I, like, um, really struggle with filler words, like, um, well, like, um.



2 Responses to “Concordia Choir is coming to town!!!!”

  1. wildflowerdays said


  2. sheri said

    this little lady is pumped as well!! no ums about it! and i haven’t even had my espresso yet 😉

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