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Box Social

Posted by thesinger on March 7, 2008

It was a good time. I estimate that there were about 16 boxes. (Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.) I purchased a green, square box approximately 10 inches per side. Because it was spring-themed, it was painted with yellow flowers and ornamented with “Hillary”, a three inch tall, green, and obese frog who held a Welcome Spring! sign. My motives for purchasing that box over others was simply that it was the cheapest one to be had. Logic (and my father) tells me that my father approves of “thrifty” sons who don’t waste his money.

Titus auctioneered and Justin was the official “holder of box while bidders bid” kind of person. The proceeds went to the Youth kitty. (Rumor has it she made a goodly sum of approx. $600. i.e. A very fat kitty.) The food in my box consisted of three subs, a relish plate, chocolate chip cookies, chips, and pudding. It was ample, and very tasty.

Afterwards, the majority of the group played an enjoyable and exhausting game of Human Dutch Blitz. My team, which consisted of Jewel, Karen, Micheal Y., Kenneth, and myself, lost miserably, but felt that were the best losers we knew how to be. πŸ™‚

I have two pictures I would like to share, both of which came from other people’s cameras since I forgot to take mine. (Shem and shame were mine during this time of forgetfulness.) The committee forced all “couples” to take their picture together. (Loyal took this one) It’s of me, my newly purchased box, Hillary, and the maker of the box. (I will allow my readership to deduce whatever they will concerning the evident action of the maker of the box.)


The next picture has a more random touch to it, but is nevertheless pertinent (I’m not sure how). The primary reason for the picture is that the three of us, Danny, Kenneth, and myself, all wore orange shirts. I thought it was impressive that the three of us sat down together just because we could, and we were all wearing orange. (Small thrills, I know, but small minds must have something to occupy their minds.)

Photo credit:Heidi Mast

Most box socials have stress in some areas, and this one was no different. All stress aside, it was an enjoyable evening with an enjoyable group of homies.



4 Responses to “Box Social”

  1. Marvin said

    Deere John,
    Hmmm, could you please ask your ahem, thrifty,father & good friend of mine about that fancy spanking new green machine that you pictured a few posts below this one…..just have him pay for this nice “green” box to go with the John Deere and it would make a really nice matching pair on the farm………….. πŸ™‚

  2. thesinger said

    Spring, spring, we await your coming with excitement and anticipation. Marvin, “things” are not always as they seem. . .

  3. Jewel said

    Ahem, correction: there were only 14 boxes. Pretty close! And yes, the blockheads were great losers.

  4. Easy said

    Yeah, but the circles were great winners! πŸ™‚ Heheee. Parts of the evening were stressful? NAAAAAAAA!!! πŸ˜‰

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