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Messiah Is This Afternoon

Posted by thesinger on March 16, 2008

We are singing all but nine of the fifty-three pieces, which as David Ross said is incredible for a town of the size of Hutchinson to pull off. We have a full orchestra, and some totally rockin’ soloists. Their names are Nancy Kerr, Soprano; Robin ___?, Alto; Bryan Stranghoner, Tenor; and Glenn Litke, Bass. If the names don’t mean anything to you, that’s fine. Just take my word for it that it’ll be worth hearing them.

The chorus has struggled a bit more this year than average. Neal did pull in several high-quality sopranos to help the chorus. It makes a marked difference when each voice part has a strong leader.

So, join us this afternoon at three o’clock at Stringer Fine Arts Center on Hutchinson Community College campus for a wonderful performance of Messiah, by Handel.



2 Responses to “Messiah Is This Afternoon”

  1. wow. i can only imagine the excitement!

  2. Marvin said

    Bravo, bravo, it was good.

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