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Last Weekend In My Rearview Mirror

Posted by thesinger on March 25, 2008

Friday lunch, my bros (minus Floyd), my sis, my sister-to-be, and myself got a 30th Anniversary Dinner around for the parents. Their anniversary is actually on the 26th but since they are currently at the Ministers Meetings in Illinois, we had to do something special for them before the actual day. We constructed, in their honor, a meal of Festive Hamburgers, cabbage salad, Bavarian cream, home-made Two-Hour buns, fruit juice, and an Ice Cream Cake. Pictured is the delectable Ice Cream Cake:


On Friday evening “The Nislys” came over to our house and made papusas which we sent packing into papusa heaven in rapid form. . . It was a GOOD TIME!!! You can see more pics and details at elsalgal.

Saturday was also a fun/friends-filled day. After some necessary work was completed at the home base, I went busting in to Kev’s house to meet him, Sheri, Matt, Ryan, and Jacob. The purpose for the meeting was to go to Wichita, KS, meet Vj, Luke, and Mark, and party the day away. This is us in the Chuck E Cheese’s parking lot, deciding where we would like to eat.

We decided to eat at La Mesa, a moderately priced Mexican joint. Yes, Sheri, we know you can smile. Way to share that brilliant smile with the rest of us. . .

After the massive lunch, we played Mini-golf at All-Star Sports. It was a nice time of sharing and being together. We wanted to hit a coffee shop on the way home, so we decided to drink coffee at the Riverside Perk. Since I had learned about the place on the internet, I was not quite expecting what we found. The place was smoky, dark, infested with hippies, and semi-grungy. Thankfully, they had tables outside where the second-hand smoke couldn’t kill us as fast. All-in-all, the place served relatively good coffee, but lacked in the professionalism and atmosphere departments.

Portraits was the name of the game, since Vj is busting off to SMBI and needed some pics. Here’s a random pic of VJ and Kev.

Of course, why just not shoot everybody in sight? I did, and came up with a jewel of a picture of rnisly.

We did a short Goodwill stop on Maize Rd. on the way home. I purchased a magnif short sleeved shirt that fits like an old glove–really well.
That evening, I went to the Oren Yoder residence and played (what else?) Dutch Blitz, otherwise known as “da splits”. I have two pictures to share. The first is of a “touching moment,” and the second is not a jewel of an expression, but a “rosene” of an expression. . .


Peace I leave with you. . .



5 Responses to “Last Weekend In My Rearview Mirror”

  1. thesinger said

    Kevin tells me that the proper spelling of papusas is pupusas. My apps. . .

  2. i was just about to correct that. 😛

    anyway, that picture of Sheri…. oh does it ever make me miss her! not a flattering picture, but anyway ’tis good!

    My mom informed me that Rosene is my cousin. wow!

  3. Andrew said

    Sweet post! I really enjoy when you post pics.


  4. 🙂

    Good read! Thank you!

  5. jami said

    nice post

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