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Posted by thesinger on March 28, 2008

The Youth Group got together at Partridge to hit little white balls around. It was a good time. I landed on an average or slightly below average team for the last 4 games. We lost the first game to a team that was definitely better than us. The second game we decided to “whip some tail” and so we beat. The third game was intense. We were playing against a team whose weakest player was about as good as our average player. I think you get the idea. We led off strong to about 7 points, then, got spiked on by Micheal Y. over and over since we didn’t have any blockers in the front line. Eventually, we got a little wise and had a blocker go up from our back row. After three tries, Kenneth Shenk managed a very successful block where he was traveling in a more horizontal/diving method then a vertical method, got one hand on the spiked ball, and shut Micheal down!!

From there we went up and caught them at about 20 points. (We were playing rally to 25–win by two.) Unfortunately, they took off from 20 and got to their game point, 24, and stopped. In an amazing comeback, we tied them at 24, gained another point on a spike they goofed, and then we had game point at 25. We served the ball. They had bad ball handling and got all tangled up. The last hit of the game was a too-long pass to the center middle that went into the net, then dropped down behind the back of the center. We SCREAMED!! WE SHOUTED!!! WE LET THEM KNOW THAT THIS LITTLE PEEWEE TEAM HAD TAKEN THEM TO THE GAME AND WHOOPED UP ON THEM LIKE THEY COULDN’T IMAGINE!!!!!!!!! What a feeling of power. What a feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment, and success. It was a good time!!!!



3 Responses to “Volleyball”

  1. sheri said

    YEEEEEEEEEAH, i’ll say we screamed!! definitely good times. 😀

  2. Aaron said

    Wow! I’m very happy for you.

  3. Andrew said

    Sweet! Go Peewee team!!

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