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Youth Chorus Fund Raiser

Posted by thesinger on April 5, 2008

The Youth Chorus fund raiser at Stutzman’s Greenhouse this morning was da bomb. I worked all morning with a dear friend by the name of Ryan. Our job was to place all the transplanted flats of petunias from the carts onto the ground. (The pink things that Ryan is cheesing beside are the flats I’m referring to.) I estimate that we placed at least 1000 flats. Yes, I am tired. Yes, my hands and my calves are not pain-free.

One of the job perks was getting to rest between carts if we unloaded the previous carts fast enough. Our motto of the morning was: Work fast; Party hard.

Yes, the orange does not go well with the pink. But nevertheless, I would like to point out that we placed all of these pink things onto the ground at some point or another. One not so good thing was that we were very far away from the actual transplanting action that was being done by the 24 other hooligans that came to help work as well. Ach vell, a little hard work and a little separation never hurt anyone. . .

Sunday is coming. I’m not ready. Peace out. . .



2 Responses to “Youth Chorus Fund Raiser”

  1. luke said

    hey man, way to “do the Saturday work.” You got a good point about being ready for Sunday.

  2. wildflowerdays said


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