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Pictures of the Past

Posted by thesinger on May 2, 2008

Teresa Miller, a fine cousin of mine, recently found several pictures from “the good old days” when wheat harvest entailed nothing more than getting in the way of the real farmers, when lemonade stands were the bomb, and when I sang in my first quartet, the “Barefoot Quartet.”

To add some perspective, my uncle Loren, a resident of Colorado, owned two Case IH combines here in Kansas with which he would cut dad’s and grandpa’s wheat every summer. Usually he would bring along his family and the good times would roll.

As I alluded earlier, I had very few responsibilities except for the occasional garden/lawn work. 3/4’s of my day was often spent playing with Austin and/or Teresa and being the official combine riders. For some alternative activities, we began the Barefoot Quartet, which was comprised of Teresa, Austin, Loyal, and myself. We gave at least three free concerts together until we were given the opportunity to sing to the Youth Group. Loyal, unfortunately, found it necessary to drop out of the Quartet at that juncture of time, since he was distinctly more influenced by peer pressure than than the rest of us were.



Credit for these ancient pictures goes to Teresa, who recently found them, scanned them into her computer, and sent them to me. Here is the quite funny and touching email that accompanied the pictures:

Hi guys!

I promised to send John these pictures I came across the other day. (yes, I chuckled when I saw them) If I had a blog then…….but I don’t. (I hear the sighs of relief)

Wow…those were the days… (she says wistfully) when Teresa could tell Loyal and John whatever she wanted them to do and they DID IT! (a moment of silence in quiet reflection) Alas, I sense those days are over. (muffled sniffling in the background)

I wonder whose bright idea it was to have you hold those lovely little flowers and pose…it must have been you guys because you look pleased & proud, don’t you say? πŸ™‚ Yes, definitely YOUR idea.
Here’s to:
– the Barefoot Quartet (in which Loyal was a member of until we sang for the youth group)
– the lemonade stand
– running around at harvest without responsibilities (or was that just me? ={ )
– decorating you and my brothers hair with bows
– getting ticked when Loyal said something MEAN about my dolls hair
– and many other adventures

Anyway – seeing that picture gave me a moment of satisfaction once again at the things I accomplished when I was young! (oops…did I say that?)

O for days past…..



8 Responses to “Pictures of the Past”

  1. Teresa said

    I guess I didn’t need a blog πŸ™‚ Good times!

  2. Easy said

    VER NICE! My my, how things change in life… Maybe someday the rest of you will forgive me for falling away at such a critical juncture in life…

  3. Anja said

    that’s just nice. πŸ™‚

  4. Interesting.

  5. Andrew said

    Wow! I don’t think I remember ever hearing about the Barefoot Quartet. That is very interesting. Loyal, you are such a party pooper!

  6. the flowers and hat combo is just great! πŸ˜›

  7. Heidi said

    Aww! You were so cute! Quite the sober little guys. Old pictures are great!

  8. Monica said

    you guys look so happy!

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