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Posted by thesinger on May 7, 2008

Graduation is a complicated tradition that comes once a year to commemorate three or four years of daily suffering that takes place prior to the actual event of Graduation. Ok, so the dictionary definition goes something like this:
1. an act of graduating; the state of being graduated.
2. the ceremony of conferring degrees or diplomas, as at a college or school.
3. arrangement in degrees, levels, or ranks.

At my school, which happens to closely affiliated with Pilgrim Christian Schools, however, tradition dictates. Yeah, and you ask what it dictates? It’s a one-word answer–everything. 🙂 Ach vell, we grin, and enjoy!!! I mean, what would you do without tradition to tell you what clothes you have to wear at what point of the evening, how to decorate your table at the party, what songs you sing, when you sing them, who sings them, and where you stand to get your patties shaken by the entire community. It’s a good time; it really is.

Oh, one of the nicer things about Graduation, is that the entire weekend turns into one big party. For example, we, the seniors, invited about a-lot-of-people to an after-graduation party at Center. Tradition dictates that after that party, you need to go play shop basketball at where else? The Shop! The next morning, you drag yourself out of bed after having gotten to bed at approx 2 o’clock or later, and go hang out all day at the end-of-school picnic, otherwise known as the last day of school. All day, you play yourself weary with basketball, softball, perhaps an occasional lousy game of outdoor volleyball, and of course, lots of socializing. I think you are getting the idea. It is a good time!!!!

Later, and much peace, love, parties, etc., etc.,



One Response to “Graduation”

  1. rmn said

    John. I must say congratulations. In fact I visited your blog for that express Purpose. Since I cannot be at your graduation, what other choice do I have? Ah, yes, blogs! But anyway. Congratulations!

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