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Much Water. . .

Posted by thesinger on May 16, 2008

. . . has passed under the proverbial bridge. I have graduated from high school, I am now working full time for Miller Seed Farms, my ankle is currently sprained since I landed on a friends foot while playing volleyball, and many other things happened since I last posted.

Graduation went smoothly. There were few surprises, and very little out of the ordinary happened.

The party on the following day was great. I spent the majority of the day hanging out with some cousins at the coffee shop, at the park, at Arthurs, etc., etc. It was NICE.




These fine people are known to modern man as Random Thinker and Teresa Miller, who graced me with their presence for the exclusive purposes to celebrate my graduation and to party. Trust me, we had a nice time!!!!

The youth picnic is tomorrow. It will be a good experience, if for nothing else, because I want it to be.




8 Responses to “Much Water. . .”

  1. Austin said

    good times….

  2. Teresa said

    Lovely Memories! So glad we could help you celebrate!

  3. FavoringCurry said

    I must be getting old, but goodness has Austin grown in the past two years. And the picture on our lawn makes my heart ache…. Great to see you all!

  4. Anja said

    may the awesome memories flow!!!

  5. mombasaman said

    Dude that picture of you guys on the van is WAY awesome!

  6. Jon said

    Hey, congrats! And I might just be dumb, but how can I see the right half of the pictures in this post?

  7. thesinger said

    No, not so dumb. I’m was just too lazy the evening when I posted them to resize them to anything half respectable. One alternative would be to use a monitor with larger resolution. The easy way to fix the problem, however, would be for me to email them to you. Doesn’t that sound like a lazy man’s way to fix the problem?

  8. Anonymous Coward said

    Yeah, not bad for two hours of sleep the night before.


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