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Youth Picnic

Posted by thesinger on May 17, 2008

It was a party. My ankle didn’t bother me much at all, and I was able to walk around all I wanted to without pain. Now, for some pictures. Which is why, I am guessing here, that 65% of my readers actually read my blog on a regular basis. It’s just a hunch, I don’t know for sure.

The majority of the people ride down on one of two grain trucks. It’s just pile on and have a party time!!!

The ride down was chilly, and Jon was not so convinced that the combination of bright sunlight and very chilly breezes was all that appetizing. Therefore, he just closed his eyes and tried to shut out the painful world as much as possible. . .

After an inspirational skit, some singing, some delicious food, the games began. Softball, volleyball, and basketball were the main games of the day. This is Nathan Nisly, hamming it up!!!

Because the combined size of Cedar Crest YG and Center YG, the picnic is a fairly massive gathering. One simply must choose who one wants to hang out with, and then stick close. Clinton happened to be one of my hanging buddies for part of the afternoon. . .

I captured one picture that I thought was moderately hysterical. Josh was shooting Marilyn, who happens to dislike being shot with a passion! This shows up nicely in this next photo. . .

The ride home was primarily peaceful, except for the necessary wind, as is evidenced by this next picture of Alicia. The hair has a nice pattern imho. . .

Much peace and love to all as you live life to the fullest. . .



One Response to “Youth Picnic”

  1. sheri said

    yea, it was a gut time. altho it took me quite awhile to defrost from the trip down there! And the Hearts game was gooood… 🙂

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