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After Prison Concert:

Posted by thesinger on May 25, 2008

We gave two short programs. One at the South Unit and one at the Central. The Lord blessed us at both places. We were able to sing with confidence, to share our message of hope, and to shed some light to those who were looking for it.

The first program was small. We sang in a small room with about 10 guys in attendance. It was small, we could fill the room with sound, and we worshiped God! It was a good time!

The second program was in a large, dead-sounding auditorium. We were on an elevated stage and felt far away from our audience. It was a far more difficult to sing with power and agility. We did our best to huddle over the mikes and gave it all we had. We hope the sound got out there because we certainly couldn’t hear anything coming back at us. The feedback we got from the guys, however, was positive. It was a joy to be of service in the Kingdom. . .

May you have a peaceful Sunday, and the Lord’s blessings to all!!



One Response to “After Prison Concert:”

  1. Marvin Mast said

    I am enjoying my Sunday and the Lord’s blessings. A highlight was reading your very well written column on the Center Youth Activities in the PLAIN TALK. You may want to consider a link on your site to your piece so that others can enjoy it who may not receive the PLAIN TALK.

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