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This is a party. . .

Posted by thesinger on May 26, 2008

We’re sitting around the table and listening to rnisly expound about how that cow gas could be harnessed for who knows what purpose. . .  It’s a coffee party, and we have had our ample share of caffeine for the morning. Craig and Ra actually showed up at this coffee party and Ra actually drank some real cappuccino and some coffee made in the El Salvadoran style.  I’m amazed.

Rnisly, Jacob, Kevin, Sheri, Anja, and the aforementioned couple are the willing participants of this awesome gettogether. It’s a shame and a pity that we don’t do it more often. . .

Today is Memorial Day here in the US. In practicality it means that today is a vacation day instead a day of hard, physical labor. I like. . .

The rest of the day will be filled with parties with the cousins and maybe some good times at a gym somewhere. Can’t say that I’m invited yet, but that chance always exists. . .

Tootles to everybody and many happy returns!!!



One Response to “This is a party. . .”

  1. wildflowerdays said

    like, totally honored to be a part of the legendary *coffee parties* i have heard and read so much about. this morning while drinking my daily chai, i was amazed at how incredibly GOOD it tasted! 😉
    ps. i bet loyal wished he had gotten himself up there… hhh

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