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Busy, and tired/excited.

Posted by thesinger on May 28, 2008

i hav  so many things to do that it’s funny before I can pack up and fly away to shenandoah valley. 2morow i have cdl testing that is currently causing much angst in my heart and mind. I have to continue to work full days, and my evenings are full up until sat morning which is when I fly out of wichita and go to shenandoah. im tired o being so busy. groan… this is teh ugliest post ive ever posted i belive. do i care? no.

this may be the last time you hear from me until about two weeks from now. i have enough to fill up my time until then.



6 Responses to “Busy, and tired/excited.”

  1. Austin said

    Hey man, you sound like your dragging your tail, pick it up off the ground buddy… and bounce into all the mud puddles you can find, hope you have peaceful time.

  2. mikey said

    Have a great trip singerman!!!!!!

  3. flm said

    Hey, are you going to come see us?

  4. Marvin Mast said

    Your line is hilarious!
    Marvin Mast

  5. iowanfarmer said

    feel for you on the cdl training.. i took mine several months ago. to me it seems like a bunch of nonsense on pre-trip inspections. o well have fun, mark

  6. wildflowerdays said

    go bro! have good times and don’t forget! (we’re not having our wedding on saturday…just for you) 😉

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