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Blondes Do Not Really Have More Fun…

Posted by thesinger on June 2, 2008

Two bowling teams, one of all blondes and one of all
brunettes, chartered a double-decker bus for a weekend
gambling trip.

The brunette team rode on the bottom of the bus, and the
blonde team rode on the top level.

The brunette team down below really whooped it up, having a
great time, when one of the brunettes realized she had not
heard anything from the blondes upstairs.

She decided to go up and investigate. When the brunette
reached the top, she found all the blondes in fear, staring
straight ahead at the road, clutching the seats in front of
them with white knuckles.

The brunette asked, “What the heck is going on up here? We
are having a great time downstairs!”

One of the blondes looked at her, swallowed hard, and

Received from GCFL.net


3 Responses to “Blondes Do Not Really Have More Fun…”

  1. verda said


  2. sheri said

    How’s life at camp??!

  3. Anonymous Coward said

    I can’t believe it! I thought I heard this joke from a bunch of old grandpas over lunch, only to remember that *I* was the one telling the joke to *them*, and that I had first read it here.


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