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  • June 2008
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Harvest Has Begun

Posted by thesinger on June 20, 2008

“Harvest time, Happy time, all our sin and sorrow should be put away and we will sing, Halleluia, on this happy, happy harvest day.”

That was the mutilated excerpt of a song that Anja placed on the white paper bag that temporarily held my supper. Yes, it has dried off enough that we are finally able to cut wheat. Yes, it is such a lovely and busy time of year.

We cut about 40 acres today, hope to finish that field tomorrow, and begin another field of the same variety tomorrow as well.

I realized why I like harvest so much as I was sitting on top of the cab of our Mack grain truck, peacefully waiting for the grain cart to dump it’s load of wheat into the truck. It’s very simple really; harvest is a time that you have worked hard for. It’s also a time when the work suddenly becomes a collective effort of many people to get the wheat in from the field. Oh, and harvest brings it’s own special kind of benefits. For example, when else could you call sitting on a truck, waiting for the grain to come in from the field, work? Never. Harvest is a nice time.

It will be in my best interests to rest well and long while there is still day on the clock. Therefore, I will wish you a peaceful Saturday, and many happy returns. . .



9 Responses to “Harvest Has Begun”

  1. Anja said

    bring it on! šŸ˜€

  2. Teresa said

    Many happy harvest memories under my hat as well!!! But I do think we need to sit down and have a long talk – I mean really – a guys brother gets married – and the blog…doesn’t even have a sentence about it let alone a picture! šŸ™‚ Just thought I would kindly help you get your priorities in order šŸ˜€ Oh well – have fun sittin’ on top of the truck!

  3. thesinger said

    Well, Teresa, some things in life are hard to understand, this being one of them. . .

  4. Teresa said

    Yes, I guess so šŸ™‚ Will try to understand…

  5. Mark said

    that would be nice but our harvest does not come till fall; and it will not come at all unless we get the crops planted. O well the nice thing about it though everything is very nice and green

  6. mikey said

    Happy harvest days Singerman!!
    Don’t work too hard sitting in the
    truck waiting for the grain to come

  7. Austin said

    I don’t care what is hard to understand (because I understand)…….what matters most is that the graham crackers are abundant, hope you have an awesome harvest!!!!!

  8. Austin said

    oh yes I forgot, graham crackers AND milk

  9. thesinger said

    RIGHT ON! What would harvest be like without graham crackers and milk? I just wouldn’t know. . .

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