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It Rained.

Posted by thesinger on June 27, 2008

Not harvesting. Got out of bed at 11:30 this morning after cutting until 2:00 AM.  We got rained out of the field. It rained hard; harder than it has for a long time. I was glad to go to bed. Tonight, I am ready to go to bed.


ps. I haven’t touched my camera since Crachels wedding. That is why you see no pictures.

pss. “3 AM HENRY”


3 Responses to “It Rained.”

  1. Anonymous Coward said

    Too much sleep is a sure sign of a caffeine deficit. 🙂


  2. Andrew said

    Ha, that’s funny. I just listened to that Your Story Hour episode yesterday. Good stuff!
    Too bad that it rained for the harvest, except that you get to do some more sleeping. That’s a good thing.
    Have a very peaceful and restful weekend!


  3. Anja said

    yes, yes, 3am henry! 😀

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