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Chorus tour.

Posted by thesinger on July 11, 2008

Today, I woke up and said to myself, “Self, the day you have been waiting for years is actually here.” To “bro” you in on the situation, we gave a program at Lebbette Baptist Church tonight. Currently, we’re finished with our first program and the good food that “they” served afterwords. I’m sitting at the computer desk, using the internet at the J. Sam Nisly family’s house. I’m staying here for the night because I was assigned here by someone who I think knew very well that I would enjoy staying here. So it seems at least.

The waiting part began back about as far as I can remember when my brother Floyd joined Chorus. I knew then and I know now that I would love to sing with the chorus, and would love to sing PERIOD. The feeling has not left. . .

The program tonight was positive. The Spirit was working, and we were able to give of ourselves through our songs. Pray for two things: that God would be glorified, and that inter-chorus relationships would remain strong. Thanks!

Perhaps I should go be sociable with the my hosts and the other chorusers here. . .

Peace in the valley, and on the bus!



3 Responses to “Chorus tour.”

  1. Teresa said

    Sounds exciting, “Self”. Hope all goes well!

  2. Virgil said

    Good times Boy!
    I’m SOOOO jealous… but, ya can’t do all the good things at once. The Lord’s blessings on you and the rest of the crew as you continue.

  3. wildflowerdays said

    awesome! (be good) 🙂
    from big sis
    (emphasis on big)

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