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  • August 2008
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Posted by thesinger on August 5, 2008

We, the wedding singers of Shane and Dorcus, rehearsed the wedding songs tonight. It was a pleasurable experience. I actually had ample time to prepare for the rehearsal last night. This made the evening a breeze to execute. I felt good about where we went musically as well. We made definite improvement on every song we sang. That is a good thing. [My writing style is short and choppy. I find it hard to enjoy my own writing. Pain.]
The Wedding Singers are comprised of 12 people. Three of those people were not at the rehearsal tonight because they aren’t currently in the area. Another one had to work tonight which put us at a total of eight singers. Pain. On Friday all the singers will be around and we’ll have a nice long rehearsal. That’ll be nice!

The time has come to say hi and bye.

Peace in the valley,



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