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Opinion Poll

Posted by thesinger on August 7, 2008

The poll is simple. Answer the following question with a yes or a no.

Do you feel that this blog is going to pot?


12 Responses to “Opinion Poll”

  1. Benji said


  2. Angela said

    If going to pot means that you don’t post much personal news/thoughts, yes.

  3. Aaron said

    sort of…it could use improving

  4. Jewel said


    You do keep spelling “Dorcas” wrong and it really bothers me. Other than that, I enjoy your posts… though they should come more often.

  5. thesinger said

    Well, to Dorcas and all offended, I apologize sincerely. On second thought, Dorcus probably couldn’t care less at this point in her life how I spell her name. So, Dorcus it is!

  6. Daniel said

    I would say maybe goin down hill a bit but still very good. I especially like photo posts.

  7. Andrew said

    No. But I do encourage you to post more frequently and to add pictures to your updates.

  8. Easy said

    Yes. (but you could always get off)

  9. Austin said

    yes or a no

  10. Ryan said

    Not yet. If you changed your theme to something that had cannabis leaves for the background, or something similar, than I would change my opinion.

  11. Verda said

    I think its great when you write random stuff about your life.

  12. Kevin said

    Hmmm. after the last picture, uhh, yes?

    Mark says that once you have to analyze the amount of wax in a ear, its a pretty clear sign.

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