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Party Party Party

Posted by thesinger on August 14, 2008

The theme for this week is and will be developing “relationships” within the context of group parties. Here’s a rundown of my schedule past and future this week. . .

Sunday: Singing at Orens. A fun time of singing and random Dutch Blitz games. Jewel, we won the moral victory!

Monday: Party with the Sunday School class at Carriage Crossing. A good time of massive eating and cutting up. I was so on a roll with the weakest one-liners that I think they should have paid me for my comedian services. . .

Tuesday: The Fall Seed Sales Kick-Off Meeting at Miller Seed Farms. Had to work hard to get it done, got it done, then ate lots of food. I sprayed the entire front of my shirt with Bar-B-Q sauce, then raced home to get another one since I needed to go up front to be introduced and help hand out door prises. I had heard that there would be volleyball at Partridge, didn’t plan on going, but then got done with the meeting/work around 8:30. Moved home rapidly; moved to Partridge rapidly, then played some good and small VB. I wore some very festive colors. Misht yellow pants and a bright yellow athletic shirt. It was “nice”. . .

Wednesday: Church. Didn’t have to lead songs; it was a nice break. Heard about a party after the service at Joes place. Thought to myself: Self, Loyal will want to go to the party; you may as well want to go too. So I did. Talked with some good kids. Excited to play a dutch blitz game with a friend and have as many points at the start as the end. We rocked the “paty”. . .

Thursday: The official youth event for the week happened at Carrey park in Hutch. We played Frisbee Football and sand volleyball. . . The football was great; several of the volleyball games were great. . . Went to Center where we met and made Darrel sufficiently jealous/irate at the fact that he couldn’t go because it was school work night at the grade school. Currently, I’m tired and dirty. A shower and a bed could really help me get my act together. . .

Friday: Go party with the parents at a tba eating place with a potential trip to afterwards to Metropolitan Coffee. We will go to talk and “have a time” as Wags would say. . .

Saturday: Go for coffee with Benji before he leaves for eastern lands. That will be a good time. . .

Sunday: Hopefully REST. . . Partying gets to a person after a while. . . Oh, but then there may be a singing and that could be a good time of hanging as well. Ach vell. Life is good. . .

My aforementioned situation is about to be improved.


Oh, I forgot. Random Alert! Got a question: Who is a farmer? A man outstanding in his field. HAHAHAHAHA What an incredible one-liner!!!!!!!! I thought about this one line for at least 1/4 of my afternoon and said it to myself over and over again. It really is the kind that you can mull over, and think about, and say to yourself: Self, that is funny! I’m simply out, standing in my field, without even trying, simply because I’m a farmer. . . 🙂

Before the time gets later, and the one-liners become weaker,

Night-night. . .



2 Responses to “Party Party Party”

  1. Andrew said

    Like “they” say, “You’re only young once.”
    Fascinating post.
    Very nice!

  2. Verda said

    Good job on posting about your life!

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