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  • August 2008
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Benji is going.

Posted by thesinger on August 18, 2008

well, the time with Benji at Metro on Sat. morning was a nice time. We chatted. We drank high-quality coffee. We partied randomly. We talked about many things. We decided that we like each others friendship. Benji is leaving in the morning (tues. morn) for lands east. I’ll miss him. We’re tight. “Benji” says thesinger, “peace be da journey. . .”


3 Responses to “Benji is going.”

  1. Marvin said

    I love the photo w/the hat!

  2. Marvin said

    10:40pm Wednesday night – Benji “is going” and has now come down to earth in Thailand – he landed just a bit ago……………

    This message has been sent to you from IGO, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 🙂


  3. benji said

    Aww… I love you too John.

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