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life is a journey through a desert. John Miller

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Posted by thesinger on October 19, 2008

I should like to bro my audience in on some of the random events that have occured since the time I last posted about my life.

Today at church we had Communion. It was a special time of worshiping our great God who suffered, died, and rose again so that we can live. Amazing love. . .

The Anonymous somebodies gave a concert yesterday at the Partridge Fall Festival. It was sucessful, and I believe God was honored. Without Him, it really would have been a journey in the desert.

Retreat was a really good time! I believe I’ll post one picture of Mr. B in his bunk. Sidebar: Tight friends and fellowship are one of God’s gifts that I value the most. PTL for friends!

That’s all for now, check back again for more results. . .



3 Responses to “Update”

  1. sheri said

    hey good to hear a little from ya, cuz! Can you drink coffee again now? =)
    oh and i guess I never replied to ur email, but i dearly, dreadfully much hope you do go for 3rd term, since that’s what i’m going for, if all works out!

  2. thesinger said

    ah yes, I can drink coffee again. I will do so in the morning if the inspiration hits at the right time. I’m thinking 3rd term would be swell!!! We’ll see. . .

  3. wildflowerdays said

    any nice pics of retreat? 🙂 (no offense to darrel)

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