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Wayfaring Stranger

Posted by thesinger on November 11, 2008

Work Work Work! That is the current slogan for the Anonymous Somebodies. Preparation for our recording is taking most of my free time. It’s a fine time of life!

Pray Pray Pray! is the other slogan. If this album will get off the ground and into the hearts of people, prayer is the key essential. Folks, as the Spirit prompts you, please pray. Pray that the album could be inspired by a sense of awe and worship of God. Pray for wisdom as we rehearse. Pray that God would be glorified because of this recording.

We’re all Wayfaring Strangers; You, me, and us. Live life with that in mind.



4 Responses to “Wayfaring Stranger”

  1. sheri said

    hey man, best wishes and i will pray!! I am anxiously waiting to hear that recording, i know it’s gonna be GOOD! Cheers and blessings!

  2. enjoyed your post and i will be praying for the recording, as it is def. an album i want to add to my collection.

  3. Benji said

    I’m behind you all the way with my prayers… May God blow you away with his goodness!

  4. Ellie said

    I’d love to buy a recording once you have one!! You think you could let me know?? my email is eddyloewen@yahoo.com Best wishes and God bless!!

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