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Ryan Nisly

Posted by thesinger on November 20, 2008

I shot Ryan’s senior pictures on Tuesday and was relatively pleased with what I got. Here are four of them for my readership to enjoy. . .





Have a nice day!



7 Responses to “Ryan Nisly”

  1. sheila said

    nice pictures…the third one is SOO ryan!!

  2. Ryan said

    Thanks for the photoshoot.

  3. thesinger said

    “SOO ryan” is what we were heading for.

    Ryan, it was my pleasure. . .

  4. sheri said

    Aww, this makes me miss de man!! I really like the first one. just need a coffee cup on the table there to make it perfect. 😉
    Nice work!

  5. mikey said

    They all look great. Of course I like the railroad pics, esp the last one, but the first one would be more typical of Ryan and prob a good one for yearbook purposes. Where’s the coffee cup?
    Miss you Ryan!

  6. luke said

    The last one on the railroad looks western for some reason. All he needs yet is some cowboy boots and tight wranglers. It reminds me of the pics of Kenny I saw on Hedi’s blog the other day. The first one is probably the best for formalities. The second one makes it look like he is cold, but I don’t know why. Anyway, they are all great pics of my handsome cousin!

  7. the last one really stuck out to me. and the first one. not that I know Ryan that well, but both poses are really cool and casual. great job on them all!

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