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Feeling fat and happy,

Posted by thesinger on November 30, 2008

I sit down at my computer to post:

The Sunday morning worship service was moderately uneventful, yet full of meaning and purpose. The Sunday School lesson, which was Matt. 5:1-12/the beattitudes, delighted me particularly. I had often wondered how that these attitudes/states-of-being were to be realized. Our teacher told us we could study the passage two different ways; the first being a study of each attribute individually and how we can be like each one. The second being a sweeping overview and discussion on the first 12 verses grouped in a comprehensive unit. Joel, our teacher, chose the second one.

As aforementioned, I had often wondered how these “states of being” were to be realized. In our class today, I discovered (with the help of Joel, and fellow classmates) that Jesus, by reason of His deity, was sharing the character traits of Himself in these first twelve verses. He did this so we have specific character traits to emulate and become like, given that we are In Christ.

The next powerful thought for me was that these “states of being” are character traits that come from the inside out as a realization of our growth and maturity in Christ. This resonates well with what I have been reading in “Living With Men”, by E. James Wilder. A thought that comes through his writing often is that growth into maturity is a lifelong process that should not be prematurely rushed or slowed down.

I believe this discussion resolves fully when we realize that knowing God and abiding in Him are the important things in life. The “states of being” that we discussed this morning in SS class, come from inside our hearts if/when we are like Jesus.

Feeling virtually as fat and happy as before, I strike the “Publish” button and TADA!!! We have a post!!!!!!!!!



4 Responses to “Feeling fat and happy,”

  1. sheri said

    thanx for sharing!

  2. sheri took the words out of my mouth. :]
    this was great reading and an encouragement to me.

  3. anonymous coward said

    ditto šŸ™‚


  4. Hans Mast said

    Here’s that bokeh hood thing I was telling you about at singing last night: http://eirikso.com/2008/11/06/how-to-make-that-cardboard-%E2%80%98hood%E2%80%99-for-the-diy-bokeh-effect/

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