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life is a journey through a desert. John Miller

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Recording Draws Nigh

Posted by thesinger on December 11, 2008

Dear friends and relations,

The Anonymous Somebodies will spend tomorrow, (Friday), and the day after tomorrow, (Saturday), plus the next Friday, at Cornerstone Studios in Wichita, KS, recording our album entitled “Wayfaring Stranger”. I am feeling so many things that I don’t know what to say. (insert long pause here) The thought of recording excites me. We know that it’ll be hard work, yet we know that we are ready musically. But then again, any effort on our part is useless without God’s blessing and protection. Without Him, life is a journey through a desert; hot, difficult, and bothersome.

It’s with this realization that we recognize our need of your prayers that God would sing through us and use the album powerfully for his glory. Of a lesser yet important concern, please pray for our physical, emotional, and spiritual health as we spend long days in the studio. Pray that God would recieve any and all glory from this work.

Lest I give you any incorrect impressions, let me close by saying that we have so much fun when we sing together. Singing is a joy. Together we enjoy singing. It is a good time!!!!!!

Many thanks for your thoughts and prayers,



9 Responses to “Recording Draws Nigh”

  1. Teresa said

    Happy singing! I’m sure the recording will be amazing – can’t wait for the finished product! May you experience God’s grace & joy the next couple days as you sing for His glory!

  2. Vic said

    Break a leg! Luck and luv!

  3. Mark said

    hey will pray.. Another question though on this quote, “Without Him, life is a journey through a desert; hot, difficult, and bothersome.”
    Does desert really mean an absence of God? Was it not in the desert where God was closest to His people? And if we are in a desert and realize we cannot do it on our own is it not then that God is closest to us?

  4. thesinger said

    To answer your first question, no, a desert does not necessarily mean an absence of God. In the context of this post, I was intending the metaphor of a desert to draw a picture of a life/person who doesn’t know God. For those who know God, a time in the desert may be hot and painful, but yes, God is there, close to us even if we may not feel it very much. Does this make sense?

  5. Marvin said

    Great photos of the Christmas banquet here on your blog!! What type of glasses do you recommend for best viewing? 3D? My normal ones are not working too well. 🙂

  6. thesinger said

    Dear Marvin,
    Sometimes the best things in life exclude and push out other good things. If everything goes well, I’ll post some pictures of our time in the studio sometime. . .

  7. Marvin said

    No problem. 🙂
    As the good book says, just “don’t neglect the gift that is within thee” and it’s not only singing but photography as well 🙂
    But “thou has chosen the better part” if thou canst only choose one.

  8. Cathy said

    Will Anonymous Somebodies go by another name for the CD? I’d be sorta scared to get a CD from a group with that name. 🙂

  9. thesinger said

    Yes, well, as Shane would say, “Some people will just have to work it out on their own. . .” So, yes, we think that it’s only reasonable that we keep our name the same as it has always been. If we have fewer sales because of it, it’ll be joy anyway. . . We are who we are. It’s a good time. . .

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