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To Continue Blogging?

Posted by thesinger on March 31, 2009

or not to continue blogging? That’s the question.


9 Responses to “To Continue Blogging?”

  1. Aaron said

    Ahh, such a deep topic. I think it would be somewhat sad if you would not continue blogging, but I would prefer not blogging over the very lackadaisical way that you blog now.

  2. Austin said

    well son, I think you need to realize that blogging is a thing of the past, xanga is of the past. The new new is facebook. And I think you should get facebook before it becomes uncool. But as to answer your question this is your answer:_______ hope that helped. well have a peaceful day. Well ok maybe you just need to fallow the direction that you heart takes you.

    PS. I started to think about it seams to me that it’s been a little while since I have seen you 😦

  3. thesinger said

    “Oh, Bother!” said Pooh. It has been a while. . . 😦

  4. Kenneth said

    Yeah singerman, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately! Blogging just kind of dried up almost.

  5. The Preacher said

    If you are getting depressed about doing such an outdated thing like blogging, do not turn to facebook as it is not the answer either. You will only get depressed and frustrated as it too goes the way of all the world while you try to hang on.
    If your desire is to write something productive and worth reading, by all means stay with wordpress. If your desire is to stay up in society and be involved in all the latest meaningless chatter, facebook is for you.
    Hear ye the Words of Wisdom: There is nothing new under the sun. The Preacher (you asked for advice, here it is 🙂

  6. wildflowerdays said

    and i’m old enough to wish it would continue. whatever happened to blog posts with pictures? this sentence or two every several hours on facebook is ____. 😦 oh well…life goes one without those of us who are now–old. 🙂

  7. EJ said

    Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.

    Despair.com on the social scene of blogging…sorry, dormie, had to throw that in there!! 🙂

  8. Teresa said

    I’m sad that blogs are not popular anymore. I like blogging – and I would like your blog very much if you….well ya know…*blogged* or something =)and I’m with my bro – it has been a while.

  9. Kevin said

    I’m guessing by the lack of activity you’ve already arrived on a decision.

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