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Posted by thesinger on September 3, 2007

Ya, I’m in a photography class in 4-H. This requires me to fill out a record book at the end of the year. Behind the photography records, you are allowed and encouraged to fill 10 pages with pictures. I thought I would allow my readership to take a look what I will put into my record book, but didn’t want to put all the work into posting individual pictures on here. Therefore, I let Picasa do the work for me by uploading them to my webalbum. So, if you feel “the urge,” you may go and look at the pictures that will be placed into my record book.



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A Strong Showing, But No Special Prizes.

Posted by thesinger on July 28, 2007

I have been getting some questions on my blog, and off my blog, on how my pictures did at the fair. I would like to report that they stole the show, but I can’t, because, they didn’t. (Surprise!!) Yeah, I will now actually report that the had a strong showing, but did not go on to win any Champions or Reserve Champions. The Silo Sunset and the Campfire received a blue, and the Flower and “Sunset on the Railway” got Purple ribbons. YEAAA!!! I did have an informed judge who knew what he was doing and could analyze my photos very well. It is always comforting to have a good judge. 🙂

My Ceramics also had a strong showing, with a blue and purple, but did not go on to the finals. I am ok with that. My Club, however, did very well in the Ceramics department, with four out of the six finalists coming from our club. The Royal Clovers ROCK!!!!!

My Meat Goat, Levi, also competed with enthusiasm. He received 5th place in his class of 17 goats. I consider this to be a good achievement. It’s not good enough to compete in the finals, but, such is life. 🙂

This is my last year in 4-H, because of an increasingly heavy schedule with the Youth Group, Church, etc., etc. One might wonder if I am okay with this strong, but not excellent showing in my last year. In pondering this question, I have arrived at the place where I am okay with my strong, but not excellent showing. Why am I okay with that? It’s because I did the very best that I could. No More, No Less. Such Is Life.

I have very little more to say right now. Only that I have been at an Abraham F. Nisly Reunion all day today, and will be there for most of tomorrow, except for the evening. It has proved to be an exceptional reunion so far.


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