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The party was calm, but a lot of fun.

Posted by thesinger on November 11, 2007

We had no broken bones, no wedgies, and no shortage of food. I think those in and of themselves make a great start to any party. In reality, not a lot of the guys showed up until around 11 and then most of them left after a while to go home and sleep. WHAT A SHAME AND A PITY!!! At least now we know who the real guys are.

Ok, so perhaps it’s not as bad as I want to make it sound, for instance, two of the guys were going hunting in the morning, and actually needed to get some sleep, so, I guess they are sortof real men.

We did have some smashing food; bratwursts, Mom’s cabbage salad, lots of random snacks, lots of random pop, and some desert that Kevin’s mom made. Just good times!

One notable person at the campout was one of our ministers, Julian Nisly. He has been attending our SS class regularly (because the ministers can decide which class to attend) so we decided to invite him to our campout. It was just good times for all!!!

Ok, I think now I will mention that this has been a really lame and rambly post so far, and by all appearances will continue to be lame. So, perhaps I should end this post because of the lameness I am becoming increasingly aware of.

Or, perhaps, I shouldn’t, if you see what I mean.

Like, yeah, I think I like that idea, so here goes.

Church this morning was a little different than normal because some students from an Anabaptist History and Thought class from Hesston College attended. So, our awesome SS class was “joined” (from Winnie-Pooh) by three students, Ben, Issac, and Drew. They mostly listened, but it was good to be “joined” (said in a really spooky tone). After church we had a carry-in meal to give us a time of less formal interaction. Random question from interaction: “Are you 19?” Answer: “No, I’m 17.” I sortof get a kick out of making people guess my age.

After the carry-in, there was a more formal time of questions and answers led by Bishop David. That was really very interesting.

This afternoon I decided I wanted to go play piano at Jacob’s house, so I did. That was NICE.

I think I will go prepare to go to the singing.

Peace and noodles.



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Spring Break!!

Posted by thesinger on March 26, 2007

Yes, I am very excited about it. It will be a good break from the normal and mundane, (and Anabaptist History). Yes, I do enjoy school, and yes, I have a lot of good friends there, but sometimes, I enjoy just being at home with my family.

Here are some random pictures of flora and scenery that are given because of a special request from Sandra.






That is all for today my fine furry friends. Have a great week!!


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It’s Party Time!!

Posted by thesinger on March 8, 2007

This weekend my cousin Austin is coming from CO and that means it’s like, Major Party Time!! I am very stoked about this development!

Unfortunately, I have lots of work that has to be done before the real party can begin, such as school, some household jobs, and whatnot.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to a great weekend, but realize that I have lots of work to do between now and then. (Hence the short post.)


ps. If possible, I’ll try to keep you posted on some of our activities. 🙂

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Random Thoughts and Obversations.

Posted by thesinger on February 21, 2007

OK, like I said, I am going to write some random thoughts and observations that have accumulated during these hectic days of high school.

1. I like music and I always will.
2. The amount of homework in Anabaptist history is incredible.
3. If the pace of practicing and enthusiasm for the programs stays at the same level, we aren’t going to have a very good program.
4. I stacked over one hundred bags of oats today over at the Seed House. They each weighed 64.25 lbs. I had to stack them on pallets of 24. The top level was even with my chin.
5. My back is very sore.
6. My throat is very dry and itchy because of all the oat dust.
7. I have a singing practice this evening after church.
8. The last three do not work very well together.
9. I love my Father.
10. I trust Him to work out the details.


ps. I love music!

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Posted by thesinger on February 14, 2007

was called off yesterday because of a freezing rain/snow storm! I was happy for the day off from school!

Anabaptist History (AnaH) continues to plod along. The main good thing about AnaH is that we have fairly interesting discussions about various topics, of which the most interesting were discussions about homeschooling, about why we need to hear the stories of the older people in our church, and about Church rules and disciplines.

The pace is picking up in Music 1 and Choir because of the rapidly approaching spring programs. Pray that preparations for that could go well.

I must sign out and do, what else?



ps. I would like you to notice the Quote of the Day down and to the right of this post. I think it fits on a day like today. 🙂

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I am living. Period.

Posted by thesinger on February 12, 2007

Right now, I have come home from a Messiah practice. I feel slightly tired, actually, rather tired.

Life is full. Life is full of good things. Life is full of good things like Music, Friends, and School. I like all of those, but all of those things have to be prioritized correctly for me to like them.

Tomorrow I have to go to Anabaptist History Class. That could potentially be a drag. I hope not.

I have a random of piece of advice that originated at Messiah practice. It is especially poignant in the midst of winter and and all the sickness that goes along with that:

Save the Baby Voices!

Much peace, love, and joy,

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I’m caught up in Anabaptist History!

Posted by thesinger on January 25, 2007

That is the big news of the evening. I feel really good about that accomplishment, for some unexplainable reason. 🙂 Ok, so, maybe not so unexplainable, but at least it sounded good.

I’m taking Music 2 this semester in addition to Music 1. That is a good thing. And because it’s spring, it is the time for spring concerts to kick into play like Handel’s Messiah and such like. It will be a good year for singing.

I must go! There is a large test tomorrow in Anabaptist History (AnaH) which I must prepare for.

Much peace and love,


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