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Posted by thesinger on April 20, 2009

Yes, my dear readers. I’m afraid that my “profound thoughts” are being discussed, hashed, and otherwise digested with a smaller audience, namely, in the presence of older, wiser men and friends.

The Preacher: at this time, I have not succumbed to the aforementioned vice called Facebook. Thanks for your concern. . .

To all: Thanks for your time and concern about the health of this blog. Unless something really “moves me”, I shall consider my time more valuably spent influencing the lives and hearts of my fellow youth-groupers, church members, and family. Your gracious release from my blogging habbit is cordially requested. . .



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To Continue Blogging?

Posted by thesinger on March 31, 2009

or not to continue blogging? That’s the question.

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Opinion Poll

Posted by thesinger on August 7, 2008

The poll is simple. Answer the following question with a yes or a no.

Do you feel that this blog is going to pot?

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I’m heading off. . .

Posted by thesinger on January 31, 2008

to the land of PA for my brothers wedding. Because of this fact, I doubt that you will be hearing from me over the weekend. Wonders do happen, though, and there is a slight chance that I will update while I’m there. No guarantees.

I’m flying in with Craig and Rachel tomorrow leaving on a 6:00 flight. It will be “nice” and “chipper”. You could legitimately ask the question why I’m updating at such a busy time of prep? The answer? I’m a very committed blogger. Weeelll, something like that. . .



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More the newsy type of post.

Posted by thesinger on January 29, 2008

Soon I’ll be heading off to some volleyball. I think it should be fairly high quality. 🙂 SPEAK TO ME!

I didn’t get as much school done today as might have been healthy, but, I got an adequate amount of basketball played. (around two hours worth) The last game we played was some of the lamest/funniest/weirdest basketball I have ever played. Every one was absolutely devoid of energy and giggly. The combination was very funny. It also totally destroyed our defense abilities. But, it was very fun.

I have a free-choice informational speech coming up. I am planning to talk on the subject of blogging. I would be interested in hearing from my readers if any of you have a comment or an idea about blogging that you would like to share with me. Accepting help now.


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Family Vacation

Posted by thesinger on December 29, 2007

Yup, you guessed it. I’m on family vacation. Everybody is home; the house is filled with fun, laughter, food, and good times; and I haven’t done a stitch of work for the last 36 hours. What a life. It is just nice to be able to kick back once in a while and do absolutely nothing for a change. I love it.

Last night, we had our zenith experience of the Christmas season, (at least Ken Millers kids think so. . .) the tradition of giving gifts. (If that was the zenith, then it can only go down from here. . .) Before we actually unpacked our gifts, we listened to a story tape that was very influential in all of us kids’ childhood, Medieval Mom. One reason we did this instead of the typical Christmas story, was that Craig’s Gf was in attendance. We thought that we would HAVE TO share this little part of our family tradition with her. It was very enlightening for Ra to say the least. . .

Right now, we’re all sitting here in the living room; I’m listening to some trio’s by Haydn and posting, Floyd is drinking some warm beverage of some kind and reading the book he received for Christmas, Craig’s on his laptop doing who knows what (perhaps chatting with Ra?), Loyal is reading the latest cover article of Young Companion to Anja, (we’re all sortof listening in as the inspiration comes) Dad’s doing some random money things, and Mom is looking at the rules of a game called Up-Words, with the hopes of playing soon. So, I think that you are slowly getting the idea of our type of family vacation.

Our home phone ringer is turned off to facilitate more uninterrupted family time. This allows the answering machine to sing a recorded version of “Happy Holidays” to all perpetrators who are trying to interrupt our family time. Take that!!!!

Tonight we will use some gift certificates that some very kind people gave to our family to be used at Sirloin Stockade. Better yet, they will have all-you-can-eat barbecued steak. Yummmmmm!

I think you are beginning to understand why I like family vacations. The food, family, and fellowship are an unbeatable combination.


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Link to wonderful post.

Posted by thesinger on December 18, 2007

“A typical day on the slopes” is written by none other than Kevin Nisly, who is a third time boarder and fellow partner in crime.

Please, do go ahead and read his summery of a day on the slopes. It is written quite well!


pictures? we’ll see.

ps, the Anonymous Somebodies will be singing at the Christmas Banquet tomorrow night. ‘Twill be a lot of fun.

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Bible study

Posted by thesinger on November 8, 2007

I seem to think that updating my blog regularly is a good thing. I am, at least. I don’t know if this means that I am doing what I said I would, or if it means that I am doing it, and then saying I did it. Or, perhaps it’s just that good things happen when the blog is updated more regularly. I don’t know. I’m all confused and don’t know what I’m trying to say.

The fact I would like to convey in this short post is the simple and random fact that I will be attending a bible study this evening. I am of the opinion that it will be more interesting than normal because Caleb Yoder will be leading the discussion. Another fact associated with Caleb leading the discussion, is that he really wanted some input from the rest of us as to what the topic for discussion will be. Unfortunately, he didn’t get much input until last night. So, all these facts combined mean that we will have a very interesting hour of discussion. YESSSS!!!


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