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Posted by thesinger on March 14, 2008

After church yesterday evening, some kids came over to “hang out” and “chill.” In the early stages of the party, most of the guys grabbed a piece of reading material. It was my pleasure to pick up my camera and record most of the readers and their reading material.

Undeniably, it is slightly more difficult to discern who this man is. We can deduce, however, that he is well caught up in “world news”.

Mr. B and the foreshown reader of World got into an intense discussion about the ethics of allowing a child to read World. It’s obvious to me that Darrel has Answers!!!!

Ah, quality reading material at it’s best. At least Daniel and Loyal seem to think so. . .

Kevin was the first to walk in the door to join the party. Whether it was hospitable or not, I gave him this book, “SAT HIM DOWN”, and told him that he needs to read this book. He nicely obliged my latest kick, and began to read You Just Don’t Understand, by Deborah Tannen, Ph.D. Throughout the course of the evening he read at least 100 pages.

In the previous paragraph, I mentioned “my latest kick.” This kick is closely related to my studies in Speech Class, since I plan to give a speech on the subject of gender differences in communication. I have found the aforementioned book to be extremely down to earth, yet full of meaty ideas to chew on. I think that everybody should read this book because you are either a man or a woman and are forced to communicate with both men and women everyday. The book is full of truths that will change the way you think about relationships and communication. It’s definitely a must-read for all.

Ok, time for thesinger to get off his soapbox and leave for church.



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