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icanhascheezburger does it again. . .

Posted by thesinger on April 4, 2008

I feel that this is a accurate presentation of most “hoomans” early in the morning before coffee. At least, it seems to be a an accurate representation of how I feel each morning before my coffee. 😀



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Life is busy; Life is good.

Posted by thesinger on April 3, 2008

School is becoming something I do because it’s my life. Algebra II, english, and speech, all blend together to form the synthesis of my existence. Church, Youth Group, and music, form the other half of me; the half that is fulfilled by love. Oh, and did I mention Family? Family. Ahhh, you gotta love the sound of that word when it means what God intended it to mean. Family is where the closest relationships should happen. Through the structure of family, God can communicates love and acceptance through each member to another. Family is where it’s at. . .

In other news, Graduation looms over me like a cloud of heavy dishrags, waiting to drop on me and smother me in its thick wetness. Ok, so, it’s actually not that bad, but it does apply pressure to get things done in ways I really don’t prefer. Ach vell, such is life. . .

In other news, I’m either singing in currently or will be singing in five vocal groups in the next four months. It is a good thing, but yet I wonder how long I will be able sustain this mad pace of life. Probably until I get old and fat. . . sad but true . . .

In other news, the parents and Crg and Ra are going to attend an all day counseling seminar given by John Regier. During the lunch break, Anja and I are going to bust a move out there and eat with them at Pizza Hut buffet. It is almost guaranteed to be a good time. . .

School and life in general waits impatiently for me to finish this post. Hence, I must run. . .


ps, Ahhhhh, I am drinking coffee that’s strong enough to kill a cow. I believe I will wake up readily this fine morning. . .

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Last Weekend In My Rearview Mirror

Posted by thesinger on March 25, 2008

Friday lunch, my bros (minus Floyd), my sis, my sister-to-be, and myself got a 30th Anniversary Dinner around for the parents. Their anniversary is actually on the 26th but since they are currently at the Ministers Meetings in Illinois, we had to do something special for them before the actual day. We constructed, in their honor, a meal of Festive Hamburgers, cabbage salad, Bavarian cream, home-made Two-Hour buns, fruit juice, and an Ice Cream Cake. Pictured is the delectable Ice Cream Cake:


On Friday evening “The Nislys” came over to our house and made papusas which we sent packing into papusa heaven in rapid form. . . It was a GOOD TIME!!! You can see more pics and details at elsalgal.

Saturday was also a fun/friends-filled day. After some necessary work was completed at the home base, I went busting in to Kev’s house to meet him, Sheri, Matt, Ryan, and Jacob. The purpose for the meeting was to go to Wichita, KS, meet Vj, Luke, and Mark, and party the day away. This is us in the Chuck E Cheese’s parking lot, deciding where we would like to eat.

We decided to eat at La Mesa, a moderately priced Mexican joint. Yes, Sheri, we know you can smile. Way to share that brilliant smile with the rest of us. . .

After the massive lunch, we played Mini-golf at All-Star Sports. It was a nice time of sharing and being together. We wanted to hit a coffee shop on the way home, so we decided to drink coffee at the Riverside Perk. Since I had learned about the place on the internet, I was not quite expecting what we found. The place was smoky, dark, infested with hippies, and semi-grungy. Thankfully, they had tables outside where the second-hand smoke couldn’t kill us as fast. All-in-all, the place served relatively good coffee, but lacked in the professionalism and atmosphere departments.

Portraits was the name of the game, since Vj is busting off to SMBI and needed some pics. Here’s a random pic of VJ and Kev.

Of course, why just not shoot everybody in sight? I did, and came up with a jewel of a picture of rnisly.

We did a short Goodwill stop on Maize Rd. on the way home. I purchased a magnif short sleeved shirt that fits like an old glove–really well.
That evening, I went to the Oren Yoder residence and played (what else?) Dutch Blitz, otherwise known as “da splits”. I have two pictures to share. The first is of a “touching moment,” and the second is not a jewel of an expression, but a “rosene” of an expression. . .


Peace I leave with you. . .


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Party all day and all night. . .

Posted by thesinger on February 10, 2008

Yup, on Friday night, I attended a Youth Group Volleyball game at Abbyville. It was actually some pretty decent stuff for KS volleyball. There was a small turnout with about 15 to 20 people there most of the evening. (The average youth activity has about 35 kids.)

Afterwards, ryannisly.com/blog and kevinnisly.com/blog and wannabemexican.wordpress.com came to my house where we ate food, talked, partied, etc., I got about 5 to 6 hours of sleep, then went to Arlington, KS, and purchased a dozen donuts and four hulking cinnamon rolls from Carolyn’s Essenhaus. Yup, you guessed it. I was providing the baked goods for another coffee party, this time to be held at Jac and Matt’s house. Kevin, of course, brought his dear friend Edna. For this we were all very grateful. (Weeeelll, maybe Matt wasn’t. . .) So, we devoured all the goods, except one roll, and one pot of coffee and several shots of espresso. It was good times! 🙂

After the goods and the coffee were devoured, we were very bored and very undecided about an appropriate activity for all. This led, somehow, to the question: What kind of games can you play at Wal-Mart? We found a game online called “10-In-10”. We decided that this would be a good way to party randomly in town doing something that most people don’t do regularly, if you see what I mean.


Oh, the prize for the winning team was a free meal at a cheap fast food joint paid by the losers. Unfortunately, ryannisly.com/blog and thesingerman.wordpress.com lost to kevinnisly.com and jacobnisly.com/blog. Too bad, how sad. . . It was random though, and very much fun. 🙂

That evening then I invited myself to jacobnisly.com/blog and wannabemexican.wordpress.com’s house for pizza. Kudos to Rosa for the excellent pizza.

It was a day full of partying and fun. I would most certainly do a repeat of the day if given the opportunity. . . 🙂


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A “Moppish Looking Thing”?

Posted by thesinger on January 27, 2008

I’ll let the first three pictures speak for themselves. . .

Next, comes the clean up part. This is when John sweeps the kitchen, and then asks Kevin where the mop is. Kevin gestures in a vague sort of way to a corner that exists in the washer room outside the kitchen. So John meanders over to the corner and pulls out some “moppish looking thing” from “the corner”. The “moppish looking thing” could also be a “wall wiper thingy” but John decides that yes, it actually is a floor moppish kind of thing.

Next, Kevin tells John that he should place the moppish kind of thing into the rinse water to make it “moisturized”. John uses his common sense and tells Kevin that he has to finish washing and rinsing the dishes before the idea is even ok to think about. Kevin and Ryan finish the washing the dishes, and so, John merrily places the “moppish looking thing” into the rinse water and “moisturizes” it.

The next step is obviously to scrub the floor with the “moppish looking thing”.
John also rinses out the “moppish looking thing” in the rinse water after he has scrubbed a large section of floor. This does not result in the cleanest rinse water you have ever seen, but nevertheless, it does make for a cleaner floor, and that is/was the goal.

My question for my dear readers is this: Is this actually a floor mop?

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Another coffee party!!!

Posted by thesinger on January 26, 2008

The location was different, but the people were same. Matt, Jacob, Ryan, Kevin, and myself were the lucky participants. The location was Kevin’s house. It seemed to be the logical place to have the party, since Kevin recently bought a espresso machine.

I had a cup of straight espresso, a cup of real cappuccino (it was, of course, made with a shot of espresso and a shot of steamed milk) and another cup of regular drip brew. I am highly caffeinated right now, if anybody is wondering.

Matt and Jacob left the party, so Kev, Ryan, and myself are sitting downstairs, either surfing randomly, or posting, or working on a mysterious website that has not been revealed to the public yet. Yes, we are all on separate laptops. Yes, it is a good male bonding experience.

Oh, and getting slightly high on caffeine together is also a very good male bonding experience. Oh, we made some wild/exciting plans for Tuesday lunch at school where we plan to be very cliquish. “But who cares?!” Says Ryan from behind his laptop. I would tend to agree. 🙂

On discussing internet connection speeds, Ryan said, “It doesn’t matter how fast your internet is, it is still not fast enough.”

I think I shall do something else now. Peace out!!!


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Ah, coffee, (Uummmm. . .) and parties. . .

Posted by thesinger on January 13, 2008

Ah, yes, those go together very well. I/we discovered that after we (Jacob, Ryan, Kevin, Matt, and myself) got together yesterday morning at 9:00 to drink coffee. Yeah, that was the reason to get together. Very shocking? Maybe. But as we are “all” coffee freaks, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to you.

Perhaps, we don’t “all” like coffee as well as the rest. Our dear brother in the Lord, Matthew, is not as fond of coffee as we would like to think he should be, but perhaps with some time and some encouragement, he can learn to like it. I certainly think so.

Ok, I have time to post 5 pictures. So I will. A pic of the party and of the good times:

Ryan, coffee mug in hand, having a grand old time.

Jac, laughing his head off during the ingestion of a bite of donut.

Matt with Kevin cheesing in the background because he placed a coffee mug in front of Matt for the pictures sake. (Btw, thanks Kev for providing the donuts and rolls. They went over very well.)

And, to celebrate our coffee/party spirit on early Saturday mornings, we took a group picture. You will want to notice the heart mug seated in front of Matthew. The hearts symbolize precisely how deeply he feels about coffee: Very! at least, against it. . .

I’ll end with a quote by Kevin regarding (You fill in the space here). “Nothing’s like a hot one on a cold day.”


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Hanging out at Ra’s house.

Posted by thesinger on September 21, 2007

Yeah, I’m like so feeling kindof weird. Perhaps it has to do with the surrounding individuals. I don’t know.

At this party are Loyal, Kevin, Sheri, Rachel, Anja and myself. Joe just came in from eating out with a bunch of random kids. Floyd was here for the large majority of the evening. With this information in mind, I will give you some wonderful quotes from the evening.

Kevin said, “Loyal’s a great guy, but you must learn to avoid the brown spots in his colorful personality.”

“To love, is ____________.” The ending of this quote is only available from me by email. Ra’s response to this quote is also only available by email. You know my address. . .

Joe asked, “Ra, where did you hang on when you had a motorcycle ride with Craig?” He was looking at pictures of her trip to Thailand and thinking bad thoughts. . .

More random things we did: We ate some Mocha Java Chiller, drank some Vault, Code Red, etc., and sat around, playing Steal. This made for some GOOD TIMES!!!

I must now sign off. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of your enemies.


Disclaimer: All information in this post is guaranteed to be true or false. Do not bother to think about the information you have read in this post. If you do, you may be sorry.

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I love Coffee!!!!

Posted by thesinger on September 4, 2007


I couldn’t have said it any better!!!!


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