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Posted by thesinger on November 27, 2008

My tummy is full.



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Last Weekend In My Rearview Mirror

Posted by thesinger on March 25, 2008

Friday lunch, my bros (minus Floyd), my sis, my sister-to-be, and myself got a 30th Anniversary Dinner around for the parents. Their anniversary is actually on the 26th but since they are currently at the Ministers Meetings in Illinois, we had to do something special for them before the actual day. We constructed, in their honor, a meal of Festive Hamburgers, cabbage salad, Bavarian cream, home-made Two-Hour buns, fruit juice, and an Ice Cream Cake. Pictured is the delectable Ice Cream Cake:


On Friday evening “The Nislys” came over to our house and made papusas which we sent packing into papusa heaven in rapid form. . . It was a GOOD TIME!!! You can see more pics and details at elsalgal.

Saturday was also a fun/friends-filled day. After some necessary work was completed at the home base, I went busting in to Kev’s house to meet him, Sheri, Matt, Ryan, and Jacob. The purpose for the meeting was to go to Wichita, KS, meet Vj, Luke, and Mark, and party the day away. This is us in the Chuck E Cheese’s parking lot, deciding where we would like to eat.

We decided to eat at La Mesa, a moderately priced Mexican joint. Yes, Sheri, we know you can smile. Way to share that brilliant smile with the rest of us. . .

After the massive lunch, we played Mini-golf at All-Star Sports. It was a nice time of sharing and being together. We wanted to hit a coffee shop on the way home, so we decided to drink coffee at the Riverside Perk. Since I had learned about the place on the internet, I was not quite expecting what we found. The place was smoky, dark, infested with hippies, and semi-grungy. Thankfully, they had tables outside where the second-hand smoke couldn’t kill us as fast. All-in-all, the place served relatively good coffee, but lacked in the professionalism and atmosphere departments.

Portraits was the name of the game, since Vj is busting off to SMBI and needed some pics. Here’s a random pic of VJ and Kev.

Of course, why just not shoot everybody in sight? I did, and came up with a jewel of a picture of rnisly.

We did a short Goodwill stop on Maize Rd. on the way home. I purchased a magnif short sleeved shirt that fits like an old glove–really well.
That evening, I went to the Oren Yoder residence and played (what else?) Dutch Blitz, otherwise known as “da splits”. I have two pictures to share. The first is of a “touching moment,” and the second is not a jewel of an expression, but a “rosene” of an expression. . .


Peace I leave with you. . .


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Posted by thesinger on January 1, 2008

And I can has eat FAST! Last night at our new years eve party (for the youth), we were to required to join in a ice cream speed eating contest. I was ok with it, but had no idea that I would place like I did. The rules stated that your hands had to be behind your back at all times and that you had to lick your plate as clean as possible.

First, a before picture.

Then a picture in the middle of the battle.

And a proud winner of the first round.

The committee for the evening made the youngest ten go first, the next oldest ten go in the second round, and the “oldest set” in the last round. Jdeany won the second round, and I’m proud that my dear brother Craig, (also a trueblooded Miller), won the last round.

(In case you haven’t caught on yet, the Miller family that lives in this area is well known for our voluminous intake of ice cream.)

Ok, so up to that point, I was fairly ok with winning. You know, what can come of this except good? Then when they told us three finalists to sit down at the table to “receive our prizes”, then I started smelling the fish. . .

As you can see, they gave us three guys all a dish of cold, slimey, disgusting, abominable, awful, beastly, cloying, creepy, detestable, distasteful, foul, frightful, ghastly, gross, gruesome, hateful, hideous, horrid, horrific, icky, loathsome, lousy, nasty, nauseating, objectionable, obnoxious, odious, offensive, outrageous, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, and revolting spaghetti. You get the idea?


And after:

Yes, even though “it” (I can’t bear to say that gross word) almost stuck in my throat many times in the course of those x amount of seconds, I did overcome and won that contest hands down. The actual prize was actually very appetizing; two Dove bars of chocolate. One was “Rich Dark Chocolate” and the other was “Sweet Milk Chocolate with Almonds.” (Craig and Jdeany each received one bar.) I was very happy to prove my “Millerness” in this way.

Yes, the evening was just filled with good times. Yes, we were singing We’ve Got the Power in the Name of Jesus as the clock struck 12:00 AM. Yes, I enjoyed the evening immensely.

Peace be da journey,


ps. I AM A MILLER!!!!!

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Family Vacation

Posted by thesinger on December 29, 2007

Yup, you guessed it. I’m on family vacation. Everybody is home; the house is filled with fun, laughter, food, and good times; and I haven’t done a stitch of work for the last 36 hours. What a life. It is just nice to be able to kick back once in a while and do absolutely nothing for a change. I love it.

Last night, we had our zenith experience of the Christmas season, (at least Ken Millers kids think so. . .) the tradition of giving gifts. (If that was the zenith, then it can only go down from here. . .) Before we actually unpacked our gifts, we listened to a story tape that was very influential in all of us kids’ childhood, Medieval Mom. One reason we did this instead of the typical Christmas story, was that Craig’s Gf was in attendance. We thought that we would HAVE TO share this little part of our family tradition with her. It was very enlightening for Ra to say the least. . .

Right now, we’re all sitting here in the living room; I’m listening to some trio’s by Haydn and posting, Floyd is drinking some warm beverage of some kind and reading the book he received for Christmas, Craig’s on his laptop doing who knows what (perhaps chatting with Ra?), Loyal is reading the latest cover article of Young Companion to Anja, (we’re all sortof listening in as the inspiration comes) Dad’s doing some random money things, and Mom is looking at the rules of a game called Up-Words, with the hopes of playing soon. So, I think that you are slowly getting the idea of our type of family vacation.

Our home phone ringer is turned off to facilitate more uninterrupted family time. This allows the answering machine to sing a recorded version of “Happy Holidays” to all perpetrators who are trying to interrupt our family time. Take that!!!!

Tonight we will use some gift certificates that some very kind people gave to our family to be used at Sirloin Stockade. Better yet, they will have all-you-can-eat barbecued steak. Yummmmmm!

I think you are beginning to understand why I like family vacations. The food, family, and fellowship are an unbeatable combination.


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Floyd is Leaving.

Posted by thesinger on November 17, 2007

Isn’t that a sorry fact? I rather think so. I suppose the gf doesn’t think quite in that manner. I’m ok with her wanting him to come in there. (PA) It’s just that we have to face the facts of brother’s leaving and cleaving and it’s not a pain-free process for some of us.

The family is heading out to town soon to go eat in honor of Floyd’s last weekend here until he moves. It will be a good/sad time. Such is life.


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The party was calm, but a lot of fun.

Posted by thesinger on November 11, 2007

We had no broken bones, no wedgies, and no shortage of food. I think those in and of themselves make a great start to any party. In reality, not a lot of the guys showed up until around 11 and then most of them left after a while to go home and sleep. WHAT A SHAME AND A PITY!!! At least now we know who the real guys are.

Ok, so perhaps it’s not as bad as I want to make it sound, for instance, two of the guys were going hunting in the morning, and actually needed to get some sleep, so, I guess they are sortof real men.

We did have some smashing food; bratwursts, Mom’s cabbage salad, lots of random snacks, lots of random pop, and some desert that Kevin’s mom made. Just good times!

One notable person at the campout was one of our ministers, Julian Nisly. He has been attending our SS class regularly (because the ministers can decide which class to attend) so we decided to invite him to our campout. It was just good times for all!!!

Ok, I think now I will mention that this has been a really lame and rambly post so far, and by all appearances will continue to be lame. So, perhaps I should end this post because of the lameness I am becoming increasingly aware of.

Or, perhaps, I shouldn’t, if you see what I mean.

Like, yeah, I think I like that idea, so here goes.

Church this morning was a little different than normal because some students from an Anabaptist History and Thought class from Hesston College attended. So, our awesome SS class was “joined” (from Winnie-Pooh) by three students, Ben, Issac, and Drew. They mostly listened, but it was good to be “joined” (said in a really spooky tone). After church we had a carry-in meal to give us a time of less formal interaction. Random question from interaction: “Are you 19?” Answer: “No, I’m 17.” I sortof get a kick out of making people guess my age.

After the carry-in, there was a more formal time of questions and answers led by Bishop David. That was really very interesting.

This afternoon I decided I wanted to go play piano at Jacob’s house, so I did. That was NICE.

I think I will go prepare to go to the singing.

Peace and noodles.


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Retreat: A Success!

Posted by thesinger on October 16, 2007


That picture is the essence of retreat. Thumbs up, in front of a volleyball net. YESSS! The next picture also shows things about Retreat that you can’t miss: Pop, socializing, and volleyball.


Next is a picture of Shane viciously smashing the ball.

This is Danny, fellow committee guy and partner in crime. He seemed to enjoy retreat, at least most of the time. . .

This is Karen, who was head committee girl for Retreat and is a committee person no longer. Thumbs up to the committee girls for doing all the food planning and preparation. That was some good food!

This is Dorcus. Girlfriend of Shane, also committee girl for Retreat. (Notice order given.) She is head committee girl now that Karen has bequeathed to her that responsibility.

And this is yours truly, who was, and is no more a head committee person for Retreat. YESSSS!!

Looking back at Retreat, I think it was a very positive thing for everybody! I certainly enjoyed it, (to some extent) even though I was in charge of the whole shebang. Perhaps a highlight was the singing on Sunday evening when most of our parents and siblings joined us for some food, and an hour of singing. That singing was GOOD TIMES! I really enjoyed it!

Here is a picture of most of the kids that were at Retreat. I say most, because, Bruce H___ was not on the picture because he was shooting it. Thanks Bruce!

So, there you have it. A very small glimpse of the kind of fun and good times we have at Retreat.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of your enemies!


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Hanging out at Ra’s house.

Posted by thesinger on September 21, 2007

Yeah, I’m like so feeling kindof weird. Perhaps it has to do with the surrounding individuals. I don’t know.

At this party are Loyal, Kevin, Sheri, Rachel, Anja and myself. Joe just came in from eating out with a bunch of random kids. Floyd was here for the large majority of the evening. With this information in mind, I will give you some wonderful quotes from the evening.

Kevin said, “Loyal’s a great guy, but you must learn to avoid the brown spots in his colorful personality.”

“To love, is ____________.” The ending of this quote is only available from me by email. Ra’s response to this quote is also only available by email. You know my address. . .

Joe asked, “Ra, where did you hang on when you had a motorcycle ride with Craig?” He was looking at pictures of her trip to Thailand and thinking bad thoughts. . .

More random things we did: We ate some Mocha Java Chiller, drank some Vault, Code Red, etc., and sat around, playing Steal. This made for some GOOD TIMES!!!

I must now sign off. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of your enemies.


Disclaimer: All information in this post is guaranteed to be true or false. Do not bother to think about the information you have read in this post. If you do, you may be sorry.

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We are talking about an uber Saturday.

Posted by thesinger on September 2, 2007

ya, We are talking about a GOOD SATURDAY!!!! I woke up at about 8:59 AM, drank some french vanilla coffee, (it was better than our average El Salvador coffee) and slowly woke up, did some surfing, (I’m trying to buy a snowboard on ebay,) and just generally felt great. Mom’s pancakes were next activity on the slate. They were excellent.

Did some more random surfing, decided that I should do some household chores, outside work etc, etc, etc.. Got the work done around 3 in the afternoon. Had plans to go to town with my family. Went to Sanford’s Computers Works ware house, got a tour there, went to Walmart, shooooopped. Went to Good will, Shoopped. Bought some shirts, some pants, am happy with my purchases.

Then, Dad was feeling like having a party so he took us out to eat at El Potrillo. GOOOOODDD TIMES!!! Then, Loyal thought we should go play some tennis, so we did.

I’m home now, and am watching some AIG movies.

Peace out,


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Grandma died.

Posted by thesinger on August 19, 2007

Ya, This morning at around 5:00, she went home to be with her Lord. What Joy, and yes, what sadness we face now that we are left behind.

Mary Martha Miller was a wonderful Grandma. One of the memories that continues to come back to me is how that longer ago, when she still could make food in the kitchen, she would make several batches of Rice Crispy Candy and usually send a plate home with one of us guys. That Candy was of the best caliber, EVER!!! So yeah, my mom has the same recipe, but it never quite tasted as good as Grandma’s Rice Crispy Candy.

Perhaps some pics later. (read: I don’t have time to find them now, but they are around here somewhere.)


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