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Romania Cont. . .

Posted by thesinger on January 31, 2009

Yup, we’ve been hanging out here at Marvins for the last two weeks. The time has been packed full with work, visiting other church people, packing and distributing seeds with the seed team, and in general, just hanging out with cousins. It has been a really swell time of conecting with my cousins, especially Timothy, in ways that a person is not able to do at a weekend family gathering, for example. That, I think, has been the best part about this trip. God is teaching me again on this trip that relationships are so much more important than anything else. It makes me really glad for the chance to develop relationships with my cousins, as well as makes me sad because of the friends/relationships I left at home. So, to all my friends and relations, allow me to express my sorrow at our separation. It has been revealing to me how much I think about you. . .

Ok, time to cut the sappiness. On to news. We get home on the fifth of Feb. I leave again for third term CBS on the ninth or tenth. (it depends on some scheduling stuff. . .) I’m getting really stoked about CBS!!! Even here, in the cold land of Romania, I already met two guys that will be there, Raf Y. and Tim somebody, who will be the asst. dean. In addition, one of the seed team guys’ brother will be there. (don’t ask me what his name is; I haven’t met him yet. . .) So, all in all, I’m getting stoked!

Peace be da journey,



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upon a visit

Posted by thesinger on October 27, 2008

to the mast residence, i saw this picture, and said to myself, ”

the pain is never quenched by fellowship with his family; it’s only quickened.

in time, the man will come home. we will go out for coffee.


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Life can has be lumpy at times.

Posted by thesinger on September 2, 2008

Lumpy is not always bad. Lumpy can mean good lumps and bad lumps. Take the lump on Sunday for example; We, Mr. B, Danny, Titus N., and myself, played a nice long/rockin game of “The Farming Game”. It was a very “high” and pleasurable lump. The lump/obtrusion I call my stomach also did very well on Sunday PM; Titus made some of his famous Homemade Butter Pecan Ice Cream. The only dairy product used was 100% cream. It was some totally rockin’ stuff. Oh, and speaking of lumps, my stomach lump had plenty of oppurtunity to grow since all interested parties had three servings; one at the begining, middle, and end. What an enjoyable way to grow “the lump”.

I have no time to write more. Be good.


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ATVing with the cousin

Posted by thesinger on August 26, 2008

It was a NICE TIME! On Saturday, I call up Andrew and want to do something since both sets of parents are gone. We come to the conclusion that, when in doubt, go ATVING!!!!

Peace be da Journey,


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Benji is going.

Posted by thesinger on August 18, 2008

well, the time with Benji at Metro on Sat. morning was a nice time. We chatted. We drank high-quality coffee. We partied randomly. We talked about many things. We decided that we like each others friendship. Benji is leaving in the morning (tues. morn) for lands east. I’ll miss him. We’re tight. “Benji” says thesinger, “peace be da journey. . .”

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Party Party Party

Posted by thesinger on August 14, 2008

The theme for this week is and will be developing “relationships” within the context of group parties. Here’s a rundown of my schedule past and future this week. . .

Sunday: Singing at Orens. A fun time of singing and random Dutch Blitz games. Jewel, we won the moral victory!

Monday: Party with the Sunday School class at Carriage Crossing. A good time of massive eating and cutting up. I was so on a roll with the weakest one-liners that I think they should have paid me for my comedian services. . .

Tuesday: The Fall Seed Sales Kick-Off Meeting at Miller Seed Farms. Had to work hard to get it done, got it done, then ate lots of food. I sprayed the entire front of my shirt with Bar-B-Q sauce, then raced home to get another one since I needed to go up front to be introduced and help hand out door prises. I had heard that there would be volleyball at Partridge, didn’t plan on going, but then got done with the meeting/work around 8:30. Moved home rapidly; moved to Partridge rapidly, then played some good and small VB. I wore some very festive colors. Misht yellow pants and a bright yellow athletic shirt. It was “nice”. . .

Wednesday: Church. Didn’t have to lead songs; it was a nice break. Heard about a party after the service at Joes place. Thought to myself: Self, Loyal will want to go to the party; you may as well want to go too. So I did. Talked with some good kids. Excited to play a dutch blitz game with a friend and have as many points at the start as the end. We rocked the “paty”. . .

Thursday: The official youth event for the week happened at Carrey park in Hutch. We played Frisbee Football and sand volleyball. . . The football was great; several of the volleyball games were great. . . Went to Center where we met and made Darrel sufficiently jealous/irate at the fact that he couldn’t go because it was school work night at the grade school. Currently, I’m tired and dirty. A shower and a bed could really help me get my act together. . .

Friday: Go party with the parents at a tba eating place with a potential trip to afterwards to Metropolitan Coffee. We will go to talk and “have a time” as Wags would say. . .

Saturday: Go for coffee with Benji before he leaves for eastern lands. That will be a good time. . .

Sunday: Hopefully REST. . . Partying gets to a person after a while. . . Oh, but then there may be a singing and that could be a good time of hanging as well. Ach vell. Life is good. . .

My aforementioned situation is about to be improved.


Oh, I forgot. Random Alert! Got a question: Who is a farmer? A man outstanding in his field. HAHAHAHAHA What an incredible one-liner!!!!!!!! I thought about this one line for at least 1/4 of my afternoon and said it to myself over and over again. It really is the kind that you can mull over, and think about, and say to yourself: Self, that is funny! I’m simply out, standing in my field, without even trying, simply because I’m a farmer. . . 🙂

Before the time gets later, and the one-liners become weaker,

Night-night. . .


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Pictures of the Past

Posted by thesinger on May 2, 2008

Teresa Miller, a fine cousin of mine, recently found several pictures from “the good old days” when wheat harvest entailed nothing more than getting in the way of the real farmers, when lemonade stands were the bomb, and when I sang in my first quartet, the “Barefoot Quartet.”

To add some perspective, my uncle Loren, a resident of Colorado, owned two Case IH combines here in Kansas with which he would cut dad’s and grandpa’s wheat every summer. Usually he would bring along his family and the good times would roll.

As I alluded earlier, I had very few responsibilities except for the occasional garden/lawn work. 3/4’s of my day was often spent playing with Austin and/or Teresa and being the official combine riders. For some alternative activities, we began the Barefoot Quartet, which was comprised of Teresa, Austin, Loyal, and myself. We gave at least three free concerts together until we were given the opportunity to sing to the Youth Group. Loyal, unfortunately, found it necessary to drop out of the Quartet at that juncture of time, since he was distinctly more influenced by peer pressure than than the rest of us were.



Credit for these ancient pictures goes to Teresa, who recently found them, scanned them into her computer, and sent them to me. Here is the quite funny and touching email that accompanied the pictures:

Hi guys!

I promised to send John these pictures I came across the other day. (yes, I chuckled when I saw them) If I had a blog then…….but I don’t. (I hear the sighs of relief)

Wow…those were the days… (she says wistfully) when Teresa could tell Loyal and John whatever she wanted them to do and they DID IT! (a moment of silence in quiet reflection) Alas, I sense those days are over. (muffled sniffling in the background)

I wonder whose bright idea it was to have you hold those lovely little flowers and pose…it must have been you guys because you look pleased & proud, don’t you say? 🙂 Yes, definitely YOUR idea.
Here’s to:
– the Barefoot Quartet (in which Loyal was a member of until we sang for the youth group)
– the lemonade stand
– running around at harvest without responsibilities (or was that just me? ={ )
– decorating you and my brothers hair with bows
– getting ticked when Loyal said something MEAN about my dolls hair
– and many other adventures

Anyway – seeing that picture gave me a moment of satisfaction once again at the things I accomplished when I was young! (oops…did I say that?)

O for days past…..


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Youth Chorus Fund Raiser

Posted by thesinger on April 5, 2008

The Youth Chorus fund raiser at Stutzman’s Greenhouse this morning was da bomb. I worked all morning with a dear friend by the name of Ryan. Our job was to place all the transplanted flats of petunias from the carts onto the ground. (The pink things that Ryan is cheesing beside are the flats I’m referring to.) I estimate that we placed at least 1000 flats. Yes, I am tired. Yes, my hands and my calves are not pain-free.

One of the job perks was getting to rest between carts if we unloaded the previous carts fast enough. Our motto of the morning was: Work fast; Party hard.

Yes, the orange does not go well with the pink. But nevertheless, I would like to point out that we placed all of these pink things onto the ground at some point or another. One not so good thing was that we were very far away from the actual transplanting action that was being done by the 24 other hooligans that came to help work as well. Ach vell, a little hard work and a little separation never hurt anyone. . .

Sunday is coming. I’m not ready. Peace out. . .


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Last Weekend In My Rearview Mirror

Posted by thesinger on March 25, 2008

Friday lunch, my bros (minus Floyd), my sis, my sister-to-be, and myself got a 30th Anniversary Dinner around for the parents. Their anniversary is actually on the 26th but since they are currently at the Ministers Meetings in Illinois, we had to do something special for them before the actual day. We constructed, in their honor, a meal of Festive Hamburgers, cabbage salad, Bavarian cream, home-made Two-Hour buns, fruit juice, and an Ice Cream Cake. Pictured is the delectable Ice Cream Cake:


On Friday evening “The Nislys” came over to our house and made papusas which we sent packing into papusa heaven in rapid form. . . It was a GOOD TIME!!! You can see more pics and details at elsalgal.

Saturday was also a fun/friends-filled day. After some necessary work was completed at the home base, I went busting in to Kev’s house to meet him, Sheri, Matt, Ryan, and Jacob. The purpose for the meeting was to go to Wichita, KS, meet Vj, Luke, and Mark, and party the day away. This is us in the Chuck E Cheese’s parking lot, deciding where we would like to eat.

We decided to eat at La Mesa, a moderately priced Mexican joint. Yes, Sheri, we know you can smile. Way to share that brilliant smile with the rest of us. . .

After the massive lunch, we played Mini-golf at All-Star Sports. It was a nice time of sharing and being together. We wanted to hit a coffee shop on the way home, so we decided to drink coffee at the Riverside Perk. Since I had learned about the place on the internet, I was not quite expecting what we found. The place was smoky, dark, infested with hippies, and semi-grungy. Thankfully, they had tables outside where the second-hand smoke couldn’t kill us as fast. All-in-all, the place served relatively good coffee, but lacked in the professionalism and atmosphere departments.

Portraits was the name of the game, since Vj is busting off to SMBI and needed some pics. Here’s a random pic of VJ and Kev.

Of course, why just not shoot everybody in sight? I did, and came up with a jewel of a picture of rnisly.

We did a short Goodwill stop on Maize Rd. on the way home. I purchased a magnif short sleeved shirt that fits like an old glove–really well.
That evening, I went to the Oren Yoder residence and played (what else?) Dutch Blitz, otherwise known as “da splits”. I have two pictures to share. The first is of a “touching moment,” and the second is not a jewel of an expression, but a “rosene” of an expression. . .


Peace I leave with you. . .


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Reading Material

Posted by thesinger on March 14, 2008

After church yesterday evening, some kids came over to “hang out” and “chill.” In the early stages of the party, most of the guys grabbed a piece of reading material. It was my pleasure to pick up my camera and record most of the readers and their reading material.

Undeniably, it is slightly more difficult to discern who this man is. We can deduce, however, that he is well caught up in “world news”.

Mr. B and the foreshown reader of World got into an intense discussion about the ethics of allowing a child to read World. It’s obvious to me that Darrel has Answers!!!!

Ah, quality reading material at it’s best. At least Daniel and Loyal seem to think so. . .

Kevin was the first to walk in the door to join the party. Whether it was hospitable or not, I gave him this book, “SAT HIM DOWN”, and told him that he needs to read this book. He nicely obliged my latest kick, and began to read You Just Don’t Understand, by Deborah Tannen, Ph.D. Throughout the course of the evening he read at least 100 pages.

In the previous paragraph, I mentioned “my latest kick.” This kick is closely related to my studies in Speech Class, since I plan to give a speech on the subject of gender differences in communication. I have found the aforementioned book to be extremely down to earth, yet full of meaty ideas to chew on. I think that everybody should read this book because you are either a man or a woman and are forced to communicate with both men and women everyday. The book is full of truths that will change the way you think about relationships and communication. It’s definitely a must-read for all.

Ok, time for thesinger to get off his soapbox and leave for church.


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