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Concert Wrap-Up

Posted by thesinger on December 7, 2007

It’s a cold and relaxing morning here at the LaVerne Miller residence. I’m sitting on couch with Dad’s laptop and I’m hacking away at it furiously so I can post before it’s time to go to choir.

The concert on Wednesday night went well in some areas, and perhaps not so well in others. God’s part of the evening (the worship, the praying, the working in the peoples hearts) went very well. I had the succinct feeling during the course of the evening that God was using our music to touch and inspire lives. PRAISE HIM!!

If that were all I had to say about the concert that would be just great. But no, I must go on to say that the tension of performing in front of a big crowd had our voices stressed out, dried out, and laid out in the first half. Let me explain why. First, when doing small group singing, (read quartet) than the entire concert is similar to one big long solo. You have no fellow members of your voice-part to lean on for support. Second, everybody has to be singing exactly their part, no more and no less, all the time. This requires extremely intense concentration that can lead to tension, quickly!! An example of when one member failed to concentrate very well occurred during a renaissance piece by Palestrina entitled Sicut Cervus. It has extremely polyphonic musical lines, so when one member fails to get an entrance, or misses several notes during the piece, everybody suffers. Near the end, somehow, I don’t know how, I spaced out. When I came back to the earth, I discovered I had missed a succession of several critical notes and left my fellow members in the metaphorical smoke of my burnout. Yes, it really struggled. Yes, we did somehow manage to get back on track for the ending. Yes, the ending was very successful. Yes, we were working so hard that we were sweating like madmen.

We had a long break in the middle of the concert. We got Darrel (5th and 6th Grade teacher at PCGS) to do a children’s story as our inspirational talk of the evening, and we had Lyle lead three congregational songs. This gave us about twenty minute break to regroup, settle down, and get our act together.

The second half went like a piece of cake compared to the first half. We had purposely planned it so that our intense and more meaningful stuff would be in the first half with the lighter/easier-to-listen-to stuff would be in the last half. So, because of the lighter material and the long break between standings, the last half went very well musically. Something we did differently than normal was have announcements, last prayer, and then sang the hyper praise song, Shout to the Lord. We sang it while everybody was still standing and then dismissed the people directly afterwards. I think it was a smashing hit!!

Over all, I feel ok with how it went. The perfectionist in me says, “It could have been a LOT better.” The worship leader in me says, “Thanks God. You came through great!!! You showed your great power again!!”

With these thoughts in mind, may you have Peace in the Valley,


ps, Steamboat is reporting 14″ of fresh in the last 48 hr. Praise da Lord!!!!


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Posted by thesinger on September 16, 2007

It’s Sunday afternoon once again, and I am on the verge of a GREAT TIME!!!. This is the time I get to do cool things, just because this is one of the few times I actually have time to do thing cool things I want to do.

First, we must get you caught up on what has been happening musically in my life. Three things happened/are happening that are VERY EXCITING.
1. The Anonymous Somebodies got together to rehearse after a long break from rehearsals. This is an excellent thing. Oh, and we had a stellar rehearsal; it was much more satisfactory then the previous one.
2. I am taking Choir at the high school under Mr. Stutzman. Ahh, the joys of singing under the teaching of one so talented. It is one of the highest privileges bestowed upon me.
3. Mr. Stutzman has offered to tutor me in my music studies. Ahhhhhhh, such fun. Such Delight! Such an OPPORTUNITY!!!!!! It is a perfectly delightful event that happens to me about every fortnight. We discuss music, we discuss theory, we discuss conducting, and we love every minute of it. Do you catch the enthusiasm? I think perhaps you might have by now. . .
4. Oh, I forgot, there are 4 exciting things that are happening musically. The fourth one is that I am a songleader at church with Mr. Stutzman. And guess what. IT IS FUN!!!! I enjoy it immensely and with a passion. Somehow, and for whatever reason, it feels so Right, to be up there leading the 4-Part accapella singing. It feels as though the right job has landed on the right person; Me. May God be praised for whatever good comes from it.

Next I simply must tell you that I have been listening to the Focus on the Family Radio Theater’s production of The Chronicles of Narnia. The audiobooks are a simply INCREDIBLE experience!!! They are very dramatic and very epic in style and performance. And the actors are British. So, to help you understand the exuberance, prose, and style of this short post, simply listen to the Chronicles of Narnia on Audio CD and then read this post. It is then that you will understand EXACTLY how to read this post; with a British accent, passion, and a dramaaaatic feeeeeling in the voice. Do you understand now Lucy?

*Said in a very dramatic tone of voice* TO NARNIA, AND THE NORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ps. This has been a very weird post. I hope you will forgive me AT ONCE!

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My thoughts on Sunday and Rest.

Posted by thesinger on July 8, 2007

Sunday is a wonderful day. Or is it. . .?

My answer to that question is a heartfelt yes. Without it, we would die of fatigue, exhaustion, and but. With it, we can relax, do nothing except whatever we want to, worship God at church, and have day of rest.

I have been getting much less sleep than I normally do because of wheat harvest. Loyal said that he worked 70 hrs. this last week. I probably worked several hours less than that, but it was close to that number. I had stress with sleeping in church this morning because of being overworked and under slept. Such is the life of a farmer during wheat harvest.

I am happy to report that we are virtually finished with Wheat Harvest 2007. For this, we rejoice greatly and marvel that we got finished before the rain comes that is in the forecast for the early part of next week.

I am finished philosophizing on Sunday and Rest. Thank-you for bearing with this exceptionally boring post.

Here is your random picture of the day.



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Saturday. (for lack of a better name for this post)

Posted by thesinger on May 5, 2007

But to really tell the story of today best, we will have to back up to the events of yesterday.

First of all, my sister and I were forced by the authorities to give the program at the 4-H Program last night. This wouldn’t be so bad except for the random fact that when you say something in public, you better have something prepared and practiced up because if you don’t, bad things might happen. So, I was forced to come home from school right away (and miss 45+ min. of basketball) just because I had to practice the program thingy. That gave me something to be bitter about. 😦

Another thing that I had to do was be the president and chair the 4-H meeting. I am not the elected Pres. or even the elected Vice-Pres., but merely the Parliamentarian. (Both the Pres. and the Vice-Pres. were gone.) Chairing the meeting wasn’t a bad experience, but merely something else to do and when I have too many things to do at the same time or when I am behind schedule for anything, I can become very irate and tensed up.

After the meeting, I went over and joined Jacinda’s “Graduation” party. It was at the Partridge Grade school. The main attraction was the gym which is big enough to stretch two volleyball nets across it. The volleyball was surprisingly good even if the oldest player was 18 years of age. Good times. Good times.

I then went home and moved my sweaty, tired, and exhausted body into the shower which was an extremely refreshing experience. I then decided that since it was Friday night and that I could supposedly sleep late in the morning, I would read a book for a very long time. I did.

The main problem was that at 8:45 AM, Daddy comes into my room, wakes me from my deep sleep, and asks me the simple question, “Did you remember that you have to go to the Goat Tagging between eight and ten o’clock?” To say the least, I was rather disgusted at my forgetfulness. If I had remembered in the previous evening, I would not have read nearly as long into the night, and I would have woke up myself instead of making Daddy wake me up.

Anyway, the goat tagging was not a very painful experience (at least not for me 😉 and took me about an hour from the time I woke up till the time I was at home again.

The next thing on the agenda was brunch. My dear Mom fixed up one of her wonderful Pancake and Sausage Gravy breakfasts which was a delightful dining experience. I made the amazing discovery that strawberries and maple syrup make a wonderful topping for a lonely pancake when it’s sitting there, just waiting for a hungry little boy to eat it up. 🙂

Unfortunately, we have a tradition at my house that dictates that we have to work on Saturdays. Generally this work consists of yard work or washing vehicles. Today, it was composed of cleaning up a mess that had been created several Saturdays ago when we had replaced the roof on our garage. We basically had to sweep the garage out but while we were out there anyway, we did some general straightening up and sorting of accumulated junk.

At about 1:00 PM, I was in the mood to go join a football game that was supposed to start at 1:00. But, we weren’t completely finished with cleaning up the garage, so, I helped finish cleaning the garage and then went to join the game.

It was a fairly good game, even though there wasn’t exactly a surplus of guys. The largest the teams got were 5 against 4. I guess that is the way life is sometimes. 😦

I came home and showered, because activities such as running around, tackling guys, and heaving an oblong ball around, all in semi-humid weather is something that can make a person very grimy. 🙂

I then messed around with some car speakers that we found in the junk out in the garage. I soldered them to a headphone jack with hopes of using them as speakers for our desktop. Alas, it was not to be. (Btw, I really like that last phrase! Very poetic! Such sadness, such feeling!) In other words, they didn’t work. They did put out some sound but unfortunately it resembled the same kind of volume that most headphones can put out–not very much.

The main event of the evening was supper at the homeless shelter. Ok, so it’s not as bad it sounds, but it is what they call themselves. 🙂 This homeless shelter consists mostly of the Joe Yoder residence. You may be wondering why in the world they open themselves up to the orphans in the community for Saturday evening pizza. I wish I knew as well. But I don’t. Or you may be wondering why in the world I am an orphan. Thankfully, I am only a weekend orphan because Mom, Dad, and Anja went to Copeland for the weekend. So, that is why I was at the homeless shelter for the evening.

On the way home, I was inspired to stop at a friends residence just for the kicks of it. So I did. Shane was the only dude at home, so we did some cutting of fat after which I came home and messed around on the computer and drooled over the sound system in the livingroom and wishing that it were in my room downstairs and have also been writing a mega-long post which has taken me about a very long time to compose.

I need to go. Thanks for listening to the weekend tales of a very busy junior in high school who loves his God, his friends, and also his blog. 🙂 (The weekend should also have been in that list but I don’t feel like going back and adding it now.)

Peace out to all,


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Response to Answers In Genesis’s Bible-Based Truths

Posted by thesinger on April 2, 2007

Here is a link to a post that really made me think. It is on Ken Ham’s blog. It is a guest post by Dr. Terry Mortenson on some responses to his talk at Butler University in Indiana.

What struck me about it was all the irrational “logic” that was used by the dissenters. Most of their arguments resembled heated fluff — lots of hot air, but not much to it.

Anyway, read it and see what you think. Hope you learn as much as I did. 🙂


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The Future.

Posted by thesinger on February 23, 2007

Recently I have been having thoughts about my life after school and what I should be doing while I’m in school.

The main thing that strikes me is that I need to be grateful to God and my family for where I am right now. I have many spiritual and physical blessings that the majority of the people in the world do not have.

Second, not only do I need to be grateful, but I must do something to convey my gratefulness. One way I can convey my gratefulness is to prepare for a life of service. For me, right here and right now, preparing for a life of service means to do my best in school, and to learn everything I can about how the world works. This should be and is my goal for right here and now.

Ok, thanks for listening! Hope you’alls have a great weekend!


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My Latest Hottest Pictures

Posted by thesinger on December 20, 2006

Dear Readers,

Recently I bought a Canon EOS 20D. It’s a DSLR and I am growing very fond of it. (Whether that’s good or bad, I don’t know.) But anyway, I enjoy shooting with it and find it to be a very pleasurable experience. Here are my latest Hotshots, so to speak. I hope you enjoy them!


And here’s the second one.


This happens to be my father’s business. It’s called Miller Seed Farms.

And now, my fine and furry friends, thanks for stopping in and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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My family.

Posted by thesinger on November 12, 2006

Congrats to Ty! He’s dating! Wishing him all the best!

(That was three sentences in a row in which I used exclamation points, can you imagine? That sounds like something a girl would do.)

Following is a brief synopsis of what my sibs are up to these days.

Floyd is dating. That fact still remains a struggle to comprehend, but it’s true. He’s also teaching school at Copeland, KS. (Notice the order in which I mentioned those — very key!)

Craig has recently began to work at Sturdi-Bilt. It seems as though he is enjoying himself at his new job.

Loyal-Doyle Private Eye is currently working for Dad at the seed house. One of his theories these days is to take as many trips as Dad will allow. For example, as I’m writing this, he’s on the way home from a trip to CO to visit Bruce and tomorrow he will be going to CBS to help with cleaning-up.

Anja is my favorite sister! (I just wanted all of you to know that since that might be unclear to some of you.) She feels very busy with school and all the social things girls feel obligated to participate in. One thing I’m bitter about is that she’s so busy that she doesn’t have time to bake the friendship bread that’s still sitting on the counter. It’s about a week overdue.

About me. I am a busy man, (as you might have guessed by the previous two posts) and am made even busier by this thing called “Music.” I am pleased to announce that I’m taking voice lessons from Lyle Stutzman. Developing the voice is a long process and I am in the middle of finding that out right now. I am enjoying the process and want to learn all I can while I can.

To conclude this post I will include this quote.

In life, as in football, you don’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are.
Arnold H. Glasgow


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Protected: God In Our Music

Posted by thesinger on October 13, 2006

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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I made it.

Posted by thesinger on June 29, 2006

Well, it worked out allright last night. Even though I was tired, even though I didn’t want to, God helped us through it.

How did the songs go? Good question. I felt very good about it. The standing arrangment was very bad though.

Well, I need to go work. Have a tight one.


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