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Guest post by Ryan Nisly

Posted by thesinger on December 26, 2007

If you have been reading my blog, you may or may not have gathered by
now that the comp class at Pilgrim is working on a mini book about
Center Church leaving the Amish, other churches that were outreaches or
expansions of Center, and the effect that the local Beachy churches have
been to others both locally and world-wide. We did some interviews of
older people that were in Center back in the “Good old Days.” Here are
some things that came up that I thought was interesting.

It was decided that instead of adding onto Center, new churches would be
built. Cedar Crest, Arlington, and Cornerstone have all been officially
sponsored, but members from these four churches have already been
influential in the construction of other churches.

For the first few years, German was used in church services with the
exception of when visitors were present who could not understand the

Pickup trucks were acceptable before automobiles were.

The split from the Amish was because of several reasons: The German
language used in church services created language barriers for visitors,
an eagerness for mid-week Bible studies, missions, and modern
conveniences with an emphasis on transportation. (This is in no wise a
complete list.)

People from Center were much (and quite possibly, still are) more open
minded and sensed a need for higher education than other Beachy circles.

A phone rang at the Arlington church while various women were there. The
caller wanted to talk to Mr. Arlington Beachy.

Random quotes: (I’m not including names since many older gentlemen from
our church wouldn’t feel comfortable having their names published online
and I don’t feel like calling them.)

“A horse couldn’t run fast enough.”

“I feel a little proud sometimes to be going to ‘Center Church.’”


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Random post.

Posted by thesinger on April 14, 2007

Yes, it’s time for a completely random post.

For starters, I just want to clarify for my readership that this week has been extremely busy for me. So, yeah, I shot some kids here and there, and made some money, and that was all good. And I really should have gotten more school done than I actually did, but SILWoutAW (Such Is Life Without A Wife) as they say.

Ok, the next topic for writing about is outhouses. The Outhouse Philosopher Sez:

“A good set of bowels is worth any amount of brains..”

“Old outhouses never die, they just smell away.”

“An outhouse is something whose hole is greater than itself.”

On to bigger and better things. I took my ACT’s this morning and came away feeling that it was a wonderful way to completely and totally blow a perfectly good Saturday morning. So, because I worked so hard this morning, and because I had to wake up so terribly early, I am very tired. This random post is proof of that fact.

Now I will talk about how that Firefox is one of the very coolest browsers ever made on planet earth. Ok, now that we’ve talked about that, let’s move on to bigger and better things.

Like, THE WEEKEND!!! Yeah, I think very fond thoughts whenever I think of weekends. They are such delightfully refreshing times.

Ok, now I will talk about how that this evening the “electric” went off for a couple of hours which made so that I could not be on the wonderful and glorious internet. Which in general ticked me off fairly badly, but I will forgive them for they know not what they do. I forget now what I did during that time, except be obnoxious in general and storm wildly around the house like a rampaging idiot.


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Guest Post by Ryan Nisly on Choir.

Posted by thesinger on March 16, 2007

I have various thoughts about choir. Personally, I enjoy music a lot, but I would rather listen to music than participate in creating musical fusion. That being said, I did enjoy choir quite a lot this year. Various highlights include the following: learning to sing new songs, giving programs (We are still in the process of giving them), singing with John in charge (“Since by Man Came Death” by Handel), and believe it or not, sleeping during an optional choir.

Choir typically begins at 1:00 on Friday afternoons. We start off the class with some warm-ups to warm up our voices. After we have done all sorts of interesting things to make our voices sound nice and boost our confidence, we sing and work on songs that we are singing for the Spring Programs. The class generally ends at 2:07 PM.

Ryan Nisly

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