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The Center Youth Column in the Honorable “Plain Talk”

Posted by thesinger on May 25, 2008

Yes, I write a column for the local churches’ monthly newsish kind of thingy on the activities of the Center Youth Group. (The magazine is called “Plain Talk”) Marvin left a comment on my last post about how I should post it on my blog. Since he is a good friend and a worthy adviser, I will accept his suggestion. Below is the aforementioned column:

“For this month, I will reject the idea that every youth activity must be duly recorded and inserted into the annals of the honorable Plain Talk. Rather, I will pick the more notable events, and expound on them in greater depth.

On Friday evening, April 25, we, the youth, hosted a banquet for all church members age sixty-five and older. Different responsibilities were given to the youth. Some provided valet parking while others created the food. (By the way, it was an ambrosial meal!) Several ushered the people to their seats, and a lone photographer (me) walked around shooting pictures. The primary goal of the evening was to make “the older generation” feel loved and appreciated by “the younger generation.” To the extent that this was accomplished, we say, “Thank You God!”

The guests were seated in such a way that across from every couple were two or three empty seats. These empty seats were then filled with youth, who, in general, had a wonderful time of communicating with the guests.

Our guests were given the opportunity to bless us by sharing stories from their childhood, their youth group days, and the way life operated when modern transportation was not available, when trips to town were something special, and when walk-a-mile was a legitimate and normal game to play at singings. We heard stories about men who impacted lives; we heard of some practical jokes that were administered to innocent victims at railroad crossings; above all, we heard and learned much from the wisdom that the older generation shared with us. I believe we as youth have a responsibility to learn all that we can about where we came from so that we make intelligent decisions about where we should go. To our guests, I say a big thank-you for coming and sharing with us from your heart.

On Sunday, May 11 the youth gathered at the only local Beachy-owned car dealership, Oatney Automotive, for our weekly singing. I would like to primarily comment on the sound/acoustics that we experienced because of the location. The sound had more space than the usual living room to bounce around and therefore created a somewhat larger/richer sound, overall. Because the ceiling is lined with plywood, however, the sound was absorbed and hollow-sounding instead of vibrant and alive. To summarize, because of the larger space and plywood-lined ceiling, it was a huge, absorbed sound. To sing in a large space was pleasant for something different.

Youth Chorus has started and we are making music unto the Lord. Already, the songs are becoming alive with depth and meaning, and the music, for the most part, is advancing as well. Chorus is a good time!!!

The Annual Youth Picnic occurred on Saturday, May 17. The all day event was pleasurable and even relaxing, unless, of course, you played sports, or swam in the river, or went canoeing, etc., etc. In the morning some time after we arrived at Camp Mennoscah, about ten of us youth practiced the B.O.D.Y. skit, which is a skit that dramatically shows how each member of the body must do his/her own job, and not someone else’s. We then performed the skit during the morning meditation as the main subject matter.

Allow me the privilege to stand on my soapbox and verbalize some thoughts that were stirred up because of the B.O.D.Y. skit: “Because our church is ‘large,’ one of our difficulties is finding the job that matches the abilities, gifts, and talents of each member. The skit said how that each member do the job he/she is good at. I’m saying that each member, including youth, needs to have a job that fits him/her so that he/she can feel needed/useful/loved/etc. To suggest that an easy solution lies just around the corner would be a lie. To be concerned and pray about the problem is the minimum we can do.” End of soapbox—you may go back to your parents. . .

In conclusion, the Youth Group continues to enjoy being and growing together. May the good Lord bless!!!!”


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Youth Chorus Fund Raiser

Posted by thesinger on April 5, 2008

The Youth Chorus fund raiser at Stutzman’s Greenhouse this morning was da bomb. I worked all morning with a dear friend by the name of Ryan. Our job was to place all the transplanted flats of petunias from the carts onto the ground. (The pink things that Ryan is cheesing beside are the flats I’m referring to.) I estimate that we placed at least 1000 flats. Yes, I am tired. Yes, my hands and my calves are not pain-free.

One of the job perks was getting to rest between carts if we unloaded the previous carts fast enough. Our motto of the morning was: Work fast; Party hard.

Yes, the orange does not go well with the pink. But nevertheless, I would like to point out that we placed all of these pink things onto the ground at some point or another. One not so good thing was that we were very far away from the actual transplanting action that was being done by the 24 other hooligans that came to help work as well. Ach vell, a little hard work and a little separation never hurt anyone. . .

Sunday is coming. I’m not ready. Peace out. . .


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