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Posted by thesinger on September 16, 2007

It’s Sunday afternoon once again, and I am on the verge of a GREAT TIME!!!. This is the time I get to do cool things, just because this is one of the few times I actually have time to do thing cool things I want to do.

First, we must get you caught up on what has been happening musically in my life. Three things happened/are happening that are VERY EXCITING.
1. The Anonymous Somebodies got together to rehearse after a long break from rehearsals. This is an excellent thing. Oh, and we had a stellar rehearsal; it was much more satisfactory then the previous one.
2. I am taking Choir at the high school under Mr. Stutzman. Ahh, the joys of singing under the teaching of one so talented. It is one of the highest privileges bestowed upon me.
3. Mr. Stutzman has offered to tutor me in my music studies. Ahhhhhhh, such fun. Such Delight! Such an OPPORTUNITY!!!!!! It is a perfectly delightful event that happens to me about every fortnight. We discuss music, we discuss theory, we discuss conducting, and we love every minute of it. Do you catch the enthusiasm? I think perhaps you might have by now. . .
4. Oh, I forgot, there are 4 exciting things that are happening musically. The fourth one is that I am a songleader at church with Mr. Stutzman. And guess what. IT IS FUN!!!! I enjoy it immensely and with a passion. Somehow, and for whatever reason, it feels so Right, to be up there leading the 4-Part accapella singing. It feels as though the right job has landed on the right person; Me. May God be praised for whatever good comes from it.

Next I simply must tell you that I have been listening to the Focus on the Family Radio Theater’s production of The Chronicles of Narnia. The audiobooks are a simply INCREDIBLE experience!!! They are very dramatic and very epic in style and performance. And the actors are British. So, to help you understand the exuberance, prose, and style of this short post, simply listen to the Chronicles of Narnia on Audio CD and then read this post. It is then that you will understand EXACTLY how to read this post; with a British accent, passion, and a dramaaaatic feeeeeling in the voice. Do you understand now Lucy?

*Said in a very dramatic tone of voice* TO NARNIA, AND THE NORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ps. This has been a very weird post. I hope you will forgive me AT ONCE!


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